G’Day World!


Steve Irwin feeding Croc=, originally uploaded by cindytoo.


After the recent tragic death of Australian Steve Irwin, a number of people on the Mosaic Addicts Yahoo group have been inspired to start up a mosaic wall mural venture to commemorate the Croc Hunter’s passion for wildlife and conservation.

Mosaic on mesh is being made and sent from all over the world, to be put together in a
mural at the OzMosaics studio in Queensland, Australia and then donated to possibly the Australian Zoo or a similar location.

This is not a money making venture, just a wonderful opportunity to make a very passionate piece of enduring mosaic art. Any participants donate their mesh mosaics to the project.

This blog has been formed to share ideas, help each other with the actual mosaic process and to record the progress made.

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments and give suggestions.

2 responses to “G’Day World!

  1. Great site! Thanks for starting it up! I have already begun preliminary sketches on my sea turtle, and am searching for the tiles I want to use. I have decided to go irridescent. This promises to be an exciting world mosaic venture for a man who changed our world!

  2. Hi Donna… Again, thanks for creating the blog! Maybe a link to Sandy’s site would be a good addition? And, when I read your note back to Jim this morning, I wondered if there was a way to set this up so that registered participants could upload photos. My blog will allow it, I think, but the message & photo would come to me first for approval. Even though you still have to participate, this might save you some time? Just a thought. Virginia

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