Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon on the Prowl, originally uploaded by ricko.

The Odd Couple, originally uploaded by bsmith4815.


abner. close up., originally uploaded by jessi..


Humph!, originally uploaded by Lisa4414.


BIG green tongue, originally uploaded by sansanparrots.


bearded dragon, originally uploaded by heavenuphere.


Scientific classification:


Kingdom: Animalia

Bearded Dragon is the common name for any agamid lizard in the genus Pogona. Bearded dragons have broad triangular heads and flattened bodies, with adults reaching approximately 50 cm head-to-tail. Males are slightly longer than females, but females are slightly heavier. They owe their name to a distinctive series of lateral spines (specialized scales) radiating horizontally from the head and base of the tail. They are mostly terrestrial, but climb to bask and search for prey. They inhabit mostly open woodlands, scrub, and desert.

All species are native to Australia, but have been exported worldwide, and due to their convenient size, hardiness, and omnivorous diet, are popular reptile pets. They are one of the most popular pet lizards in the United States.

Bearded Dragons can puff out the spiny protrusions under their chin beard when they are angry, giving them the appearance of having a humanlike beard. They may bob their heads or wave either of their forearms as communication. A commonly used enclosure size for baby bearded dragons is 10 gallons; adults tend to thrive in enclosures 40 gallons and larger.


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  1. great site ,love the pics of the bearded dragons

  2. great site love the pics of the bearded dragons
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  3. love the pics of beardies they ROCK!!

  4. hi brill pics im gettin 1 soon lol

  5. Great pictures! Beardies are such good pets!

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