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Well, I seem to have sorted out a few of the teething troubles that come when you set anything up. So now I need suggestions from all of you.One thing this blog can do is find photos of the animal that you may want to mosaic. As you can see, I’ve already found some photos of bearded dragons for someone. If you have problems with the design of your favourite beastie, I’m happy to try to find some photos that might help. I can’t necessarily do all posts as soon as I get the requests but I’m happy to do at least one daily.

There will be posts coming up this week on technical issues like mesh, adhesives and the like. So you have plenty of time to daydream about your design. Or stew about the technicalities ;). There are some amazing skills and an abundance of knowledge amongst those who have already decided to get involved with this project so don’t be shy about asking questions about anything to do with this project. Your question may bring up issues we haven’t yet thought of so we appreciate your input.

Questions, suggestions, advice – leave them here in the comments. If you accidentally put something in the wrong place I can move it. Don’t be scared to just say hello. 

This project is going to be fun! 



11 responses to “Blog update

  1. Hi there !

    Any pictures of platypus ? kiwi ? armadillo ?wombat ? possum ?


  2. Watch out over the next few days for all of these… 😉

  3. WOW ! the pictures are so cool !
    I think I have fallen in love with the wombat ! LOL
    Can anybody catch me one and send it to Paris ? lol


  4. I’m a wombat fan too which is why I did that post sooner rather than later. My ILs have a common wombat living in their front yard in a rather large wombat hole. It actually decided to go out for a wander in the middle of the day on Christmas Day which created a little bit of havoc as everybody went diving for their cameras.

  5. Hi there, I would like to contibute to this project by donating any materials that are needed. I am on the Sunshine Coast in Qld Australia. I will have a special area with scrap tiles and mesh and thin-set adhesive if anyone wants to call into the workshop. Contact me by e-mail to set a time to call in. I am most happy to help in any way.
    Happy creating everyone

  6. Sorry I forgot to put my e-mail ! or look at

  7. I’m really excited to be part of this project, as Steve Irwin was a special topic in our home so many times.

    Thanks for the great blog too!

    Berta Sergeant

  8. I really want to do a blue morphos moth to proper scale and another I am not sure of. I need some mesh and wondered if anyone knows of some glass that might be that irridescent blue like the moth and a good pattern. I am itching to get started.

  9. Cheryl, I’ve just posted some pics on the blue morphos butterfly. Or are you after this?Blue Morphos


  10. I’ve just gotten started on my echidna. My niece, age 9, is doing a hammer head shark.

    Denny Nkemontoh

  11. Sounds like a very interesting concept! Tell me about my ugly fur Fresh joke! What goes “Tick tock, woof woof”? A watch dog.

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