Free patterns and templates

Don’t quite feel game to tackle drawing your animal freehand?

There are places you can go. Colouring books can be very useful for basic templates.

Here is an Australia themed colouring page link and More Aussie colouring templates.

There are Rainforest animals here

Let me know if you know of others.

6 responses to “Free patterns and templates

  1. Hi all,
    If anyone in Europe would like a free piece of mesh for this project then please e-mail me at the above address.

  2. Angie’s email is Replace the AT with an @.

  3. If any Canadians wish to participate, I would be glad to donate fibreglas mesh. Can’t promise I’ll get a block made for the project, but I would like to participate in some fashion and have about 50 yards of mesh on hand!

  4. I have been breeding alpacas and would love to have a template of some to use in mosaic stepping stones around my house.
    Can I ask if you can do one for me please?

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