About the project – Sandy Robertson

Steve Irwin was a great Australian bloke who passionately cared about the world’s wildlife, apart from being highly interesting, entertaining and proud of his family.

Tonight I watched his wife on the Ray Martin Interview and I sat for a while afterwards on my Queenslander deck, listening to the gentle rain falling (at last) and thought deeply about her words about her husband. It was one of the most touching interviews I have ever been privileged to watch and she touched me and my husband. Dave and I were moved to tears. Terri is an incredible woman and she and Steve were lucky to have had what most people often wish for, a happy marriage, a family and a passion that could set other people on fire and follow their dream. I feel so sad for Terri and the children but pray they will find strength and comfort keeping Steve’s dream alive.

So, this mosaic project started last week after I was shocked to hear of Steve’s passing away, so tragic. As I worked on a mosaic that day I could not get out of my head the vision of how so many people were paying tribute with flowers, kindness and messages at Australia Zoo and the outpouring of emotions worldwide.

I posted a note on the mosaic addicts group about how said I felt and later posted again with the idea of making a mosaic mural and presenting it to Terri, perhaps for the Australia Zoo or somewhere in Queensland. I had decided to make the mosaic with the help of some amazing friends, all mosaic addicts, here in Brisbane but thought how many people may get behind a community mural, but from around the world!

I should have known that the support will be there and I am stunned at the positive reaction to the idea. So many have pledged to make a mosaic on mesh of any wildlike creature and send it Downunder. It’s wonderful.

I am currently drawing up a proposal and when a decent time has passed to approach Australia Zoo, I and another lady will organise things at that end and find out what may eventuate as a place for the mosaic. That will all transpire in due course and be advised.

To get the mosaic rolling, the brief is simple:

Make a mosaic, on fibreglass mesh suitable for mosaic art, and send it to OzMosaics in Brisbane. Make as many as you desire, whatever you desire. Information on packing, how to pack the mesh mosaic, where to send it, adhesives, mesh instructions and much more will be uploaded by me to this blog, my website and the mosaic addicts group in the next few days. If you wish to get started, please do so or post a question on this blog or the addicts group or email sandy@ozmosaics.com for any further info until the FACT SHEETS are uploaded.

If you join mosaic addicts group, you will be able to ask questions regularly.

A cartoon will be made at Sandy’s studio and as segments are received or photos received of mosaics made, they will be photographed and placed on the mosaic cartoon and this will be shared. It should be amazing. I will co-ordinate a team here in Brisbane to put the mesh segments together as one large wall mural on moZboard, so that it will be easy to install and be transportable. The mosaic will be grouted in the studio for easy management. OzMosaics will donate all the materials needed to put the mosaic together and the team will do the labour (of love).

So if you make a mesh mosaic, you will be donating it to the mural project and paying for the postage to Brisbane Australia.

If you require materials or mesh, contact the members who have offered these services. If you are in Australia and would like mesh, I will provide it.

So, the Fact sheets and photographs will be here in a day or so, after I have finished compiling info suitable for this project. I will advise here and on mosaic addicts group when the file is ready.

Please submit ideas via mosaic addicts or here, all are appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has become part of this wonderful tribute – it means to much to me that you are care enough to be part of the “bigger picture”. I believe Steve and Terri and family really got the message out there for conservation and wildlife and this is a thank you to them and an enduring tribute from artists who also care.


Sandy Robertson

2 responses to “About the project – Sandy Robertson

  1. Hi Sandy,
    Lovely to hear you doing your thing again for a fantastic cause and a remarkable man. I too was in tears and inspired by Terri and Bindi’s strength and hope that little Bob never forgets how amazing and inspirational his dad was. Good Luck with your Mosaic project and if I can get a lettle time, maybe I can get some of the Wooloowin School Students to use thier nexly acquired mosaic skills to contribute to your project.
    Love and hugs

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