Itching to get started?

The FAQs aren’t ready yet but this should get you started…

* make whatever creature that inspires you. any size. (you may send
your mesh mosaic in segments if necessary – info on this coming for those
who need it)
* make it on the mesh (use Weldbond, thinset or pva) – Note thinset
may make your postage a little more expensive.
* if possible and it suits the mosaic put an opus vermiculatum
(imagine a line or shadow surrounding the outline of your mosaic) around the
mosaic in black or a dark colour or perhaps a colour in the mosaic that
works well. The opus may be traditional small cuts, or it may be a flowing
opus, irregularly shaped, but forming a shadow in black around the mosaic
you have made. The opus could be pebbles, or mirror, whatever works. This
will be shown in the fact sheets. If this is a problem, don’t do it – we
will do it here.
* please do not fill in any background as we won’t to meld all the
mesh mosaics into the background we create when piecing all the mesh mosaics
together (however the mosaic may feature a lizard on a rock or a crocs
coming out of water, so to speak. If you are unsure please post a pic of
your design or photo
* make as many as you want
* if your mesh mosaic has something unusual re the tesserae, possibly
send a few spare pieces with the mosaic so we may add a few extra touches in
the main mosaic, if it works.
* keep a spare copy of the sketch or photo that inspired you for our
records (we are going to make a story of the making of the mosaic for
* send us a bio, a photo of yourself, perhaps one of you making the
mosaic, pics in progress and your story of your mosaic. materials used –
what inspired you to make the mosaic creature/s.

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