Need Mosaic Mesh? We can help!

This project seems to have captured people’s imagination and we have several very generous offers of FREE mesh [and maybe even some tiles] for those who need some!! 🙂 Contact these people to discuss the details of postage and the like.
Here are the contacts we have already…

Australia: Sandy Robertson of Ozmosaics [the link for her website is in the links section on the right]. Her email is

Jacqui Douglas of lives on the Sunshine Coast and is willing to give away some of her materials if you call in. Contact her first to arrange a time whether via the website or by email at

USA: Kathy Scherr from Maryland Mosaics will send a few sheets of 12×12 mesh sheets and/or 1 lb of tiles to anyone who needs them. This also includes Canada :). If you want the tiles you will have to talk to Kathy to discuss shipping costs. Email her at .
UK/Europe: Angela Kingshott who can be emailed at
Canada: Belinda Robinson can be contacted at

I have always been impressed with the generosity of spirit in the mosaic world to share information and promote mosaics. It’s bloomin’ marvellous to see it here too! 😀

3 responses to “Need Mosaic Mesh? We can help!

  1. I am an American Mosaicist and would like to contribute a piece of mosaic art to the Steve Erwin project. Where do I mail it?
    Thank You,
    Dewese Milstead

  2. Send it to:

    492 Cavendish Rd Coorparoo 4151

    Sandy will be organising and assembling everything from there…

    Thank you for wanting to take part!


  3. Spent 4 glorious months in Australia and fell in love with the place, the people, the plants and the animals. Steve Irwin made those animals more fascinating than ever. Would love to contribute, but don’t know if I’ve missed the deadline?


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