Friday Roundup

No, I’m not talking about weedkiller šŸ˜›

For a blog that is not even a week old, our blog stats are pretty darn good. On our best day we had 261 views come in. From my experience with blogs it usually takes weeks to months to get that number. And we will get more over the next couple of weeks since I have been leaving the link for this site on flickr whenever I use a photo from there and I have mentioned this project on a few sites. Feel free to link to the website.

And we must be getting bigger as I deleted the first three spambot spam comments today. Our presence has been detected out there in the blogosphere LOL.

Sandy is busy writing up some fact pages on mesh and everything you could possible want to know for this project. I don’t know where she finds the time as she is an incredibly busy lady.

Remember if there is any info you want to see on this blog, any questions you want answered or if you just want to say hi….. leave a comment! I am happy to find pics or hassle whoever I need to hassle [sweetly] to get the appropriate answers.

There’s a Making a Mosaic FAQ category on the right which allows you pull up all the technical info really easily.

I’ve happily been posting Aussie wildlife pics for the Inspiration section. I’ve fallen in love with Bundy the rescued wombat and Dave, the bearded dragon. If you click on the photos you will be taken to the original photos where I encourage you all to leave some feedback for the original photographer. The photos out there are amazing.

Have a terrific weekend folks!


2 responses to “Friday Roundup

  1. You are amazing Donna – I hope this isn’t taking up too much of your valuable time, because you are Great Mate!
    ….isn’t this so exciting?! I think we need a photo section to upload pics of mosaic addicts, don’t you, in the blog?
    So if this is ok, and people want to put a pic of themselves somewhere on the blog that Donna suggests, we can “see” who we are communicating wiht….it’s optional of course….
    Sandy Robertson – OzMosaics.

  2. Aw shucks…I just hope my mosaic skills are as good as my blogging skills. I’m an enthusiastic amateur at both!
    The photos are a good idea…I suppose you will want one of me? šŸ˜›
    If your photos are already accessible on the web, send me a link to the photo. Otherwise you can send a photo to me at . If it is on flickr, all the better :D.

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