Jellyfish Delights



jellyfish, originally uploaded by WillShoot.

All of these jellyfish photos were taken in the wild and come from all over the world. No namby pamby aquarium shots here. Australia has many jellyfish but in the tropics the ones everyone worries about are the box jellyfish and the Irukandji. They can be absolutely deadly especially to young children. Thankfully something as simple as a lycra stinger suit or even pantyhose can provide enough of a barrier from the tentacles to save your life. So when the water starts to warm up, you would be absolutely mad if you didn’t wear something.

Thankfully good old white vinegar can cause the tentacles to release and stop injecting their toxins so if you are crazy enough to swim on the beaches in northern Australia, make sure you have some readily available.

medusa, originally uploaded by antiguan.


Jellyfish, originally uploaded by stuandgravy.



JellyFish, originally uploaded by The Sprain.

Lady of the abyss, originally uploaded by Amelia PS.



Floatzilla (Rhizostoma pulmo), originally uploaded by Arne Kuilman.



Palau – Jellyfish Lake, originally uploaded by Angela Tamboura.



moon jellyfish (CIMG0934), originally uploaded by .zack!.



taking the ride, originally uploaded by wrda.

11 responses to “Jellyfish Delights

  1. Petey D Jelly ROLFING man

    jelly the fish. move like solid liquid, breaths and stretches. your pictures tickle my brain, peel me like a mango.

  2. James Blevins

    All these pictures of Jellyfish are supercool. 🙂

  3. I never imagined that these kinds of jellyfish
    existed!It’s really a surprise!

  4. the under water is amazing!!! everyone should SCUBA

  5. these pictures are amazing, i would like to learn alot more about the marine environment, it looks facinating

  6. what type of jelly fish is the first picture? cause i pick them up all the time and i want to know if they sting if you touch the tentacles?

  7. Mecolo Lengunie

    WOW that stuff is really cool how do U do
    it? it seems really awesome and what kind of J.F (jelly fish) is the last 1?cause it looks like a really cool 1.

  8. very good picturesss ! . (:

  9. hi im from great britain and i live in wolverhampton and i love this website of all the fascanating jellyfish and crocs so add me on msn

  10. they are really beautiful creatures, but at the same time few species have the most toxic venom.

  11. the names of some of these jellyfish are for the first one a blue jellyfish and the third one a lion mane and the 5th one i know as a sea nettle

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