Wildlife Warrior Wristband coming soon!

Warrior wristbands boost Irwin’s work | The Sunday Mail


LITTLE Jemima Moore is a typical Queensland nine-year-old. She loves her family, her mates and animals.Which is why she can’t wait to become a Wildlife Warrior and get one of The Sunday Mail’s special Wildlife Warrior wristbands in two weeks.

“They look great and all my friends want one,” Jemima said. “Especially as the money goes to helping animals.”

Release of the stylish, green wristbands with Wildlife Warrior embossed on them follows months of planning between The Sunday Mail and the original Wildlife Warrior Steve Irwin as a means of raising much-needed funds for his Wildlife Warrior Worldwide conservation charity.

With the backing of Irwin’s family and WWW, The Sunday Mail, a proud sponsor of the charity, is pressing ahead with the initiative.The wristbands will be available from newsagents for $1 on presentation of a token from The Sunday Mail with all proceeds going to Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.

Irwin’s daughter Bindi, who has vowed to continue her father’s wildlife crusade, will become the face of WWW, starting with the wristband campaign.

So get ready for The Sunday Mail on October 15 and buy a WWW wristband in the knowledge all proceeds are going to help achieve the Irwin dream.

21 responses to “Wildlife Warrior Wristband coming soon!

  1. I hope our state will be getting the green wristbands soon so I can purchase some. I would like to kow wre to buy them if we don”t get too here. thank you

  2. Hoping to see the WWW bands available all over the world very soon. Steve Irwin did so much for our wildlife, and their are millions of people that would love to help his family carry on his cause.


  3. were will the Steve Irwin wristbands be sols in Sydney N S W?

  4. Would love to get some too here in the US. Hopefully, they will be available soon to everyone.

  5. I was wondering if the wristbands will be coming to Canada.. I want to purchase lots of them and give them to Santa and also the foodbanks hamper fund.. This would make a nice little stocking stuffer for Santa to put in the stockings. I want to send some his way in time for the Christmas Season
    I live in British Columbia (Valley)

  6. We NEED to have the Wildlife Warrior Wristbands here in the USA!
    Can you let us know if this is going to happen?

  7. If I hear anything I will post it on the blog. There is huge interest in them going by the number of hits that are attracted to this site due to the post I put on here.

  8. Linda - Indiana

    I called the Wildlife Warriors office in Australia and asked them how we in the US could buy one of these bracelets. She said that the Discovery channel will be selling them in the near future. She wasn’t exactly sure when, just soon is all she could tell me. Until then the only place to find them is on ebay and hope that whoever you buy from honestly donates the money to the wildlife fund. Hope this helps.

    I am in the Uk and would like to buy some where the money goes to the charity not Ebay sellers back pockets!

  10. Chrissy Thomsen

    Please let us know out here in the states when these wonderful wristbands will be available to us ! We are HUGE believers in what the Irwin family is doing and want to donate and wear those wristbands PROUDLY. Just like Steve’s personality these wristbands will be contagious and catch on out here as the Irwin’s have adoring fans world wide 🙂 We will miss him dearly and want his work to GO ON AND ON AND ON .

  11. Where can I get the green www wristbands?

  12. Will these wristbands be coming to Iowa in the US? If so, when? RSVP as soon as possible please. Thank you, and I will do my best to help wildlife where I live!!!

  13. I am from the US, and would like to know when the wristbands will be available here,or where I can obtain them. I have lots of people I want to get involved!

  14. They are already available in the US, but so far, I cannot find the green ones. Only the blue ones. I’ve read that green is for land conservation and blue is for ocean conservation.

    You can get them from the discovery channel website in packs of ten (www.discovery.com). I haven’t gotten to the discovery channel store in our mall yet to find out if they have single ones for sale the way Nike had the Livestrong ones.

  15. The Discovery store now sells the blue ones. The green ones were a prototype of sorts and now they will be blue…according to the W.W.W. folks I spoke with. Terri & Bindi were even spotted wearing the blue ones last week on USA T.V.

  16. Scholastic Australia also sell them via their school book orders…

  17. They should be available worldwide, and all proceeds go to Animal welfare, not the people making profits on ebay…beats the purspose 😉

  18. how can i purchase a green wildlife warriors wristband? i have the original blue one, and i’ve been trying to get ahold of it for sometime now.

    get back to me thanks, tony

  19. please can you tell me where i can get either a blue, green or both steve irwin memorial wristbands, i’m from England

  20. Andrew Crosling

    I Have a green Wild Life warrior wrist band for sale

    anyone interested please contact me via email


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