Bindi Irwin’s Speech for her Dad

26 responses to “Bindi Irwin’s Speech for her Dad

  1. Dear Bindi and Terri i also loved Steve for a very long time as in his shows and in his work i thought that he was the best animal worker i have ever know and i would like to wish you and Bindi all the best for the future!

  2. love u Irwins 4eva and eva!

    your the best irwins around!!!!!!!!!

  3. dear irwin family
    i know how all of you are feeling right now i used to watch steve’s shoe all the time. heck, i used to call myself crocodile. i know silly. Steve has inspired me to love and care for animals. I like to wish all of you the best , and to never stop careing for animals, steve’s adventure is not over you have to keep his adventure going. I love you guys so much and a lot of people in the world say that too. Wish you the best of luck. Love your biggest fan Hayly

  4. I love Bindi Irwin, she is a true hero, so is her father, a true crikey mate. Always be in my prayers, love forever and always.


  5. hey bindi is wickid cool u ppl writing those comments are stupid myspace is for that not this site anyway love you bindy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. I love bindi. she is such a beautiful young girl with a wonderful personality. steve will always be prayed for in my heart, and so will the Irwins.

    rip steve


  7. [[dear dimsim.. what comments are you talking about.]]

    Bindi is so strong, she is too good for this world.

    RIP Steve Irwin, you never deserved it.

  8. I love you Irwins

  9. RIP steve, bindi you little cutie

  10. hey everyone
    Bindi is a true character and she shows us no matter what live brings you can always get through it.So stay strong and keep do the fabulous work you do.
    Love DimSim

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Dear Bindi and Terri
    My deepest condolences to the family…i wish that it never had happend.
    Evcen though this was a tragedy, the things that came out of this have been a real blessing to Australia. Who would think that a 8 year old would be such an inspiration to children and adults all over the world:) I am 14 years old, and I don’t think that I would have had the courage to do what she did:) Bindi, you are such an amazing young girl and a HUGE INSPIRATION to not only me, but everyone else that I know. My friend Elizabeth and I are such huge fans of your, and we know that you will change the world for the better.
    It is obvious to me that you will do well in the future and help animals all over the world:)
    I am soo proud of you and all you have done for our country:)
    Stay true to yourself, and always follow your dreams..because you have the will power to do something great…just like your dad!
    with lots of love
    elisha xoxoxoxox

  12. dear irwins

    you are the best role models for young people, and you entertain the world. you help animals which is a deed to be proud of, i never knew that there was such people like you. you are such nice people.

  13. hi bindi how is it i am your biggest fan ever i luv all kinds of animals exspecially snakes though i have never held one. bindi you are really awsome and i want to meet you so much i am a bit older than you i like you because you are friendly and you are kind and brave to all animals great and small bindi i want to meet you so bad but i live in tasmania and you dont but
    i wish we could organise somthing but oh well it is one of my dreams to meet you. one final thing i really want a signatur ,a picture and to meet you and i hope your family gets through loosing your dad i am so sorry about it well talk to you soon yours truley monique.

  14. bindi i am 13 years old i can’t wait to meet you sorry i left that off

  15. Hey Bindi it is Gemma I really like you because you you can hold a snake and a baby crocodile and I never could do that. You were also aloud to give out a award at the kids choice awards. I would love to meet you because you are really cool and you are really nice and friendly so bye and write back to me soon. You also have your own wild life park in queensland and you have a hole lot of animals up there and if it is ok with your parents my you please send me a piture of you and a signature so i can put it up on my wall in my room. So bye for now talk to you soon. I also love all types of animals but snakes but they are a bit scary. A nother thing to say is I hope that your hole family and friends gets over from lossing your dad.So as I have said to times all ready good bye and talk to you soon.

  16. Steve irwin was my hero. He is my inspirer of my ambition. I was much impressed of him and my ambition of being a wildlife conserver is even more stronger after his death. I respect him and really wanted to be like him

  17. hi bindi i am in year 5 and I’m doing a progect on your father you and all your family! i dont get to see your show much because i have got aerobics and dance practise! steve was my hero too! when i grow up i want to be just like you and your dad! i never saw your dad in person but i still want to be like you! it was so sad when steve died and he was only 44! i dont know had sad it would be to loose my dad but a few weeks ago my uncle who was only 60! my birthday is on the 1\1\1997! do you know how many crocodiles your dad caught or how many crocodiles you have at australia and were do you live!?see ya later (4 now):)xxoo

  18. Dear Irwins,
    first i want to say hi bindi i love your show you are so much like your dad. he was and still is my hero because of him i now work for a reptile rescue in my home town. it was and is my dream to meet or see you all in person one day. i was so sad the day i found out about your dad i cried alot to. i know i never got to meet him but he seemed to be a great and awesome dad. i grew up watching your dads show. do you know how many crocs he caught? well i must go now.

  19. I loved Steve so much. He inspired me to stand up and say more and do more than I ever would have done without him. I am doing a speech on him. I want to use my speech to make sure people still get inspired bey Steve. I think that you should follow in his footsteps. I am sure itès what he would have wanted. His love of animal sand your incredible talent shouldnt go to waste. As long as theirs still animals out there you shouldkeeep going out there and fighting for them !!!!!!

  20. bindi, u are the most strongest girl in the world

  21. Thank you all

    Bindi, Terri and Bob Irwin

  22. hi everyone CRIKEY i didn’t realise everyone cared so much by the way email me on I do miss my dad by the way rose it is me!!

  23. hi bindi,
    iam very sad that your dad passed away we are all very sorry. iam chloe one of the people who gave you that table.that says bindi australia zoo.
    and also i love your music it is the best ever even your new music. i love the disco one.iam like your biggest fan ever.iam nine going in to year 5 i skipped year one cause i was 6. ok bye talk to you agian tomorrow

  24. i forgot to say i love your family

  25. good morning bindi
    i hope you and your family has a great day today and happy new year iam going to the beach and playing my d.s bye

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