Raptor! Australia’s Diurnal Birds of Prey Part I

There are 6 main groups of birds that take prey during the day: ospreys, kites, hawks, eagles, harriers and falcons.  This post deals with the first three of that list. I’ve tried to find photos of these animals in their wild state whenever possible.

Osprey!, originally uploaded by Nikographer [Jon].


The osprey or fish-hawk is found everywhere except Antarctica and migrates to south America every year.Note the long arched wing and the dark line through the eye and down the neck. Numbers of these magnificant birds has decreased over the years thanks to pesticides contaminating the environment.



Black-shouldered kite 3 / Australian Kite, originally uploaded by aaardvaark.


The Australian Black-shouldered Kite is one of two hovering kites with the letter-winged kite being the other. They look very similar and you can only make a definite distinction during flight by checking the underwing.



Crested Hawk or (Pacific Baza) (Aviceda subcristata), originally uploaded by topend.

The Crested Hawk is Australia’s Cuckoo Falcon. It tends to eat insects, invertebrates and frogs despite its name.


Milhafre Negro – Black Kite – Milvus migrans, originally uploaded by JulioCaldas.



Brahminy Kite 3, originally uploaded by The World Through My Eye.



Whistling Kite, originally uploaded by W & S Roddom.


The Soaring Kites are rather longlived birds which are found worldwide except for the Americas They are definite scavengers. Note the long broad fingered wings.


Christmas Island Goshawk, originally uploaded by Rob Hughes.

Also known as the Australian Goshawk or Brown Goshawk and unfortunately the Chicken Hawk.


COLLARED SPARROWHAWK Accipiter cirrhocephalus, originally uploaded by beeater.


Also otherwise known as a chicken hawk. What is it with some people?! These are two of Australia’s three goshawk species. The collared sparrowhawk is a rather small bird which is a little larger than a dove.


3 responses to “Raptor! Australia’s Diurnal Birds of Prey Part I

  1. Mecolo Lengunie

    Those things are so ugly but I kinda feel sorry for them because nobody likes them very much.

  2. how so very beautiful.
    so very full of positive energy.
    the birds are magnificent and the photographer is a light worker for the birds and mother earth i am sure of it.
    thank you for being here.
    namaste renee

  3. Frank scarfone

    Are Australian chicken hawks protected species ,

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