Bindi Irwin nature series on hold for a year

Thu Oct 19, 11:11 PM ET
CANBERRA (Reuters) –
The 8-year-old daughter of Australia’s “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin is to wait a year before starring in a new TV nature series amid fears her childhood could disappear emulating her father’s animal exploits.
Bindi Irwin was next year to star in a 26-part series on Discovery Kids network, with the working title “Bindi, the Jungle Girl,” following her father’s death from a stingray barb.

But John Stainton, the family’s manager, said filming was on hold until he completed a year-long holiday in the wake of his close friend’s death.

Bindi Irwin nature series on hold for a year – Yahoo! News – click on the link for the rest of the article

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5 responses to “Bindi Irwin nature series on hold for a year

  1. bindi rocks!keep it up girl,your dad is forever proud!!!educating people about herps and conservation is vital in saving habitat and the animals we love….good girl!

  2. Big Irwin Fan!!! 4eva

    if any1 is reading this, i think bindi is a strong lil girl, with a very very big heart. although she is only 8, her heart is as big as her dad’s. steve will r.i.p 4eva, god save the irwins!!! šŸ˜¦ steve rocked this world, he changed it for every1, and all the people out there who think he was pissing the animals off, he wasnt he was doing his job and he did it very well till the day he died. he was australias heart and will never be forgotten, you’l always be in my heart steve, terri, bindi, bob, robert, john, wes and all the australia zoo team. lets show the world how goood australia is. god bless steve irwin, im missin ya mate, mwa mwa mwa šŸ˜„ šŸ˜„ luv ya

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  4. If there is 1 great person amongst the Irwin familly ,it has got to be Bindi,what a great little star to carry on in her dads footsteps ,to inspire everybody else who is in the same line ,preservation ov the planet,may she & the Irwin familly carry on with the great work what a great man started.

  5. Bindi my name is Marty Holburn and i would just like to say my heart goes out to u and your family i,m from Toronto,Canada here my brothers and i alway,s watched your father on t.v ,he was a great man and did alot of good in this world ihope u follow his footsteps and be sure to take care of your little brother and your mother she is a fantastic woman take care sweetheart your friend Marty Holburn.

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