Happy Feet

Happy Feet


If you haven’t already, make an effort to catch the movie “Happy Feet“. It has had glowing reviews here in Australia and I can see why Steve would get involved with such a project. It has a very strong environmental message, it doesn’t mince around the issues facing the Antarctic  but most of all, the movie has a strong sense of fun. So keep an eye out for the elephant seals.

3 responses to “Happy Feet

  1. hi my name is kiera and im makimg an a coment on steve irwin and i just wanna say that we really miss you and we love you and bindi and terry and we would love if you were still here and i have to go now by everyone and the irwin family aswell as steve


    hi,i loved this flim.and i miss steeve a lot. but my prayer is always wit terry irwin,bindi and bob.i miss my hero “STEEVE” a lot

  3. cody binette from ontario,canada

    he will always be remembered. he was my hero taught me so much about reptiles. one day when i finish school i hope to work at the australia zoo

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