Widow Says Irwin Death Tape Destroyed

Thu Jan 11, 9:32 PM ET

All footage of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s death has been destroyed, his widow said. Terri Irwin told TV’s “Access Hollywood” in an interview airing this week that the tape was destroyed when it was no longer needed for the investigation into his death.

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26 responses to “Widow Says Irwin Death Tape Destroyed

  1. good.i was hoping nobody would get their hands on this tape. Steve will NEVER be forgotten.
    we love ya Steve.

  2. Animal planet just is not the same with out steve. So thank God for Bindi she will make up for our great loss!

    God bless!

  3. i luv u steve r.i.p

  4. You will always be loved and remembered Steve Irwin!

  5. We will never forget your wonderful work with the animals! Life for those animals will never be the same!

  6. Thats a video that should never see the light of day. For Terri and the kids sake I’m glad its been destroyed. The world just isn’t the same with Steve and his “Crikey Mate!!” Even us Kiwis miss you Steve.

  7. Steve you were a great person, helping the animals and all. Why did you have to die you were to good. R.I.P =(

  8. i will never forget you steve, you are my idol and you are a great insperation to my in my life , i will one day go any visit your zoo that is a promise, god bless the irwin family

  9. you know yall are rude, this is for the family i send my thoughts and prayers to each of you, and as you can see your husband touched and inspired many lives,and the way he went out of this world was sudden but, terri i hope you continue to teach your children and continue his work that is what he would have wanted he will alway’s look over you

  10. Terri,
    Steve touched my heart in so many ways. He loved you and the children so much, he had more passion and caring than any man I have ever met in my life. You could see his love for his family in his eyes everytime he would talk about you!

  11. ECO WARRIOR , & a real one in a million man

  12. We love you Steve, and always will. You were too young and had a beautiful family…. Everyone is praying for you and your family.

  13. I\’m torn over the tape issue. I tend to agree with the tapes destruction. In this age where privacy is almost impossible. Where predatory voyeaurs want to watch all manner of death and dismemberment for their sick entertainment, the decision to destroy this tape is indeed refreshing. I\’m a little surprised that a copy wasn\’t made surreptitously.
    On the other hand, it\’s very rare that events that cause injury or death are caught on tape, and I think the event should be carefully viewed with an eye for preventing future accidents such as this to occur. My guess is this was done before the tapes destruction. Thank you. Jay.

  14. Steve is the best, I’ve never seen animal shows as much as I’ve seen his show, it’s very interesting & very nicely made. It was very unfortunate what happened to him & we all feel deeply saddened for that, I still do even it was almost two years ago.

    I’ve not seen Animal Planet or any TV channel about animals after him. R.I.P. Steve, you are really missed.

  15. http://www.ozmosaics.com/artist/australia-zoo-project.html

    This link has You-Tube video clips of the making of the STeve Irwin Mosaic Mural Tribute – the 11 panels were delivered to Australia Zoo and are installed near the Crocoseum.

  16. http://www.ozmosaics.com/artist/crikey/you-tube-ozmosaics-zoo-videos.html

    link to the video snippets. Lot more being added soon! Enjoy! Thanks to all who participated in the making of the mural….it’s fabulous!

  17. I feel so sorry for the Irwin family. Life without Steve Irwin will never be the same again.No-one should take a peek at that tape either. Steve we love you & R.I.P …Best regards Alex.

  18. She is wrong, I have a copy of the tape.

  19. Steve Irwin was cultural pollution and a disgrace. If any one had offered Terri money for the tape she would have coughed it up. Media-Ho. I never saw an animal that was happy to be grabbed and harassed by Steve “The Idiot” Irwin. Should we forgive a child molester for giving money to orphans? I don’t forgive Steve for disturbing the habitats and molesting native animals just because he spent money on wilderness projects. All of which had a primary commercial aim. You are all fools. Fools.

    • You are rude Damien! You’re obviously a callous, egotistical, animal rights extremist snob. I can’t believe what a creep you are! Steve Irwin was an animal lover who fought to help educate and save animals in his own unique and energetic style. You are the one who’s a fool, Damien!

      Please excuse me blog owner, good post. I’m glad the tapes were destroyed. Steve was a great man…

    • By the way, idiot Damien, get off your high horse and stop spouting trash!



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