Who are we?

Mosaicists tend to be a passionate bunch of people from all sorts of backgrounds who happily share a mosaics obsession and never want to be cured. Those who frequent the Yahoo group Mosaic Addicts recognise the same kind of passion in Steve Irwin’s love of wildlife and were affected by his tragic death.

Someone came up with the idea of doing a mosaic as a tribute and as a possible fundraiser for the zoo, and next thing the madness that is the Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute Project was born.We’ve probably created a monster but its going to be the friendliest, funniest, most incredibly creative monster going.

Especially under Sandy Robertson of Ozmosaics fame’s influence. Sandy lives in Queensland and is willing to take on the challenge of actually sticking on all of our contributions to whatever this mosaic is allowed to be stuck on!

We don’t care if you have had many years experience or whether this is your first mosaic. Whether you use the most expensive gold leaf or smalti you can find, or whether you use pieces from that broken plate you accidentally dropped the other night. If you can attach it to a piece of mesh with an appropriate adhesive [and we’ll give you further details about what can work], and you can post it without the Australian Customs service wanting to irradiate or dispose of it, then your effort is more than welcome.

And please, please, please feel free to leave comments, questions, ideas for future posts or just say hello. We’ll love to hear from you.

So go on now, BREAK SOMETHING! 😉

29 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Hi all !
    My name is Mireille and I’m french (live in Paris).
    I think this project is going to be awesome !
    I’m the first one who leave a message, so I don’t really know what to say…lol


  2. Hello !

    Mireille again ! I dont know where to put the questions I have, so I hope I will get an answer here.
    Can you tell me if the project is only about australian animals or all kind of animals ?


  3. Thanks to Donna for setting up this wonderful blog so we can record the making of the mosaic mural. I hope mosaic addicts worldwide will find it in their hearts to make and donate a contribution to the mosaic mural of a mesh mosaic.
    Thank you
    Sandy Robertson
    Moderator/owner Mosaic Addicts Group

  4. Christy Duplantie

    Wow! I am so excited that my suggestion to do a mosaic tribute to Steve’s family has grown to such enormous proportions!! With all the talented people worldwide it will be an amazing adventure. Those of us who are from the U.S were heartsick to lose such an amazing role model for wildlife protection, and are honored to take part in this project! Great thanks to Sandy Robertson who with the help of a talented organized group will make this dream a reality.
    Christy Duplantie
    Mosaics addict

  5. HI Mirielle,
    To answer your question, the creataure you mosaic may be any wildlife creature…..we are not including domestic animal such as cats, dogs, chickens…..you get the idea! Visit the Australia Zoo website for inspiration, but the mural will depict wildlife creatures, great and small from all over the planet. If anyone is unsure, please email sandy@ozmosaics.com

  6. Do you have a specific size in mind? Also, do you have a deadline for submissions? I would like to participate if I can.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the information!

    Alice Trumbull

  7. Alice,
    You are welcome to mosaic any wild creature in any size. Sandy will then dream up a mural around whatever you send her. There is no deadline as yet for submissions. This is probably going to take at least 6 months absolute minimum so if life is too busy for you now there is no reason why you can’t do something next month or even after Christmas. If we do need a deadline for some reason, you will see it here. And we will give plenty of warning.


  8. marylandmosaics

    Just a quick note about shipping from the U.S. to Australia as I am a mosaic tile supplier and am very familiar with shipping. Assuming your project is small enough and I think most will be, the U.S. Post Office has an option called Global Priority Mail (GPM). Under this option, there is a flat rate envelope. Use the large one and it’s $9.50, regardless of weight, to Australia (to all countries in fact). Delivery time is 4-6 days. I have found this is the best way to ship things. It’s a good balance between time and cost. You really do not want to send your project by economy – surface which is by boat. It typically takes 2 months and packages are often lost. You can go to your local post office and get the large global priority flat rate envelope for free. Place your mesh project between 2 sheets of cardboard and tape. You may want to wrap it in bubble wrap but be careful not to make it too thick because it will not fit in the envelope which is about the size of a 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper or a little larger. Just my 2 cents. I think it’s a good option for everyone and that’s how I send all of my tiles overseas. If you have any questions, just let me know. Also, don’t forget if you need any mesh or tiles, let me know.

    Maryland Mosaics

  9. Hi to All,

    Thanks for the information about shipping from the USA. After contacting Kathy, Maryland Mosaics, in the US about my class putting together a mosaic for your installation, I must say again, thanks to her with the donated supplies to the class, the mosaic is now finished.

    I’m a potter (a new-bee in mosaics) and nursery school teacher. This was my second attempt at mosaics. After the vote was in from the students, they made a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. It will be shipped this week. This was my first attempt to do mosaics with the lil’ ones and it worked out extremely well.

    I was so energized with the children learning to “give” it, rather than “keep” it. This was an unexpected lesson.

    Every child in my class took part from the two year olds to the four year olds. This is a wonderful, wonderful tribute to an inspirational wildlife naturalist, husband, and daddy.


  10. Hello. My nephew Justin is in Carol’s preschool (above.) And we just wanted to say how proud we are to have a budding international artist with an EXCELLENT cause in the family. Nice work Carol, Justin, classmates and everyone else memorializing Steve. We think of him as family around here. Can’t wait to see a pic of the completed project.

  11. Hello

    My name is Chris Carey and I live in the United States. I have a manatee mosaic I have created for the Erwin project. I have obtained a Global Priority Mail envelope to send it. What address should I send to? Is there anything special I need to put on the Customs Declaration form that will help my package get to you?
    Chris Carey

  12. Chris,
    You need to send it to Sandy Robertson of Ozmosaics. Sandy’s webpage is being reconstructed at the moment but I found the address in the whitepages so:
    492 Cavendish Rd Coorparoo 4151
    Queensland, Australia

    A manatee huh? I’m looking forward to seeing photos of this one :).


  13. hi
    im doing a project on steve irwin. its a school project i have to find his important contributions which impacted the world.
    can anyone help point out his most important contributions?( at least two)

  14. hello their…i just to say that i really love you guys…your field is brilliant….i want to be one of you…can i?

  15. Hi Sandy

    What a great idea. You taught me your great mesh technique for a school project in Caloundra. I will get some children together to make a contribution to your project.



  16. Debbie Fletcher

    Hello Sandy,
    I am a mad mosaic lover . I love any excuse to create something , this is such a beautiful idea congratulation’s .
    As I have only just found this site am I too late to contribute a piece? My work will not be as professional as other’s but I would be proud to be part of this gift.
    Debbie (wife , mother ,nurse , glass mosaic obssessed person)

  17. Hi there Sandy
    Are you still collecting bits of mosaic for the Steve Irwin project. I’d love to donate a piece to be included.
    Caroline, Lyttelton, NZ

  18. 🙂

  19. im still sad abt steve irwins death bt i feel happy at the same time abt him doing it for his child bindi. 🙂 and im doing a project on he so i will learn more

  20. Can I still submit for the Steve Erwin mosaic Project?

    Yolanda -San Francisco, California USA

  21. Hello again, I need the specs/facts on what my mesh piece needs to look like ? I saw a few pieces on line and it looks like they have no background- do you need space around the object on the mesh? i want to do a butterfly about a 5 inch square piece of mesh.

  22. I have only just come across this but would like to make something for it as my daughter was a big Steve Irwin fan and we used to sit and watch his programmes together. Can you tell me if you are still looking for mosaics, I do a lot of work on mesh and have recently made a lot of butterflies, lizards and fish. Alison

  23. The panels are being assembled right now in Brisbane.
    If you have not already been in touch with Sandy Robertson from Ozmosaics please email her (address is listed above in an entry on Oct 1 2006)
    This is a massive project and so exciting that people from all around the world have sent things.

    Thanks Sandy and everyone involved.

  24. Please contact Sandy if you have any questions regarding the mural.
    The panels are being constructed as of Sept 08. and they are fabulous.

  25. Look this over thanks
    Write back

  26. the man was so good, loved his croc antics, no fear, cam, sc0tland , g/britain

  27. hey who took them cuz they are awesome

  28. Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Taking the
    time and actual efflrt to generste a very good article… butt what can I say… I procrastinate a loot and don’t manage to get nearly anything done.

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