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Crikey! Irwin memorial for sale on DVD

September 29, 2006 – 3:14PM

The special public memorial held last week in honour of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, will be released on DVD, his manager and long-time friend says.

John Stainton today announced the service titled He Changed Our World, staged at the Crocoseum at the Irwin family’s Australia Zoo wildlife park on the Sunshine Coast last Wednesday, would be available by October 14 through EMI Music Australia.

Up to 300 million people around the world watched the service, which featured tributes from international stars Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz, Hugh Jackman and Justin Timberlake.

All royalties from the special edition DVD would go to Steve’s Wildlife Warriors fund to support work with endangered species, habitat protection and running the zoo’s wildlife hospital.”

We have been overwhelmed by the reaction to the television broadcast, which seems to have captured the love and emotion that filled the 5000-seat Crocoseum,” Mr Stainton said in a statement.

EMI Music Australia’s managing director, John O’Donnell, said the DVD contributed to “the preservation of Steve’s memory”.

Irwin died after a stingray plunged its barb into his chest in a freak accident off the far north Queensland coast on September 4, prompting shock and disbelief worldwide.AAP

Crikey! Irwin memorial for sale on DVD – National –

Fundraiser for the mural…

Fishpond Animated

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