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Armed with your vegemite slathered toast? Is there a strand of pink in your hair? Join possibly the most fun and passionate mosaic group online!

And just WHO are these mosaic addicts?

Almost complete, originally uploaded by GeoWombats.

Well, I’m Donna and I’m the person who volunteered to set up the blog so I figure that I’d better put my money where my mouth is since I agreed with Sandy’s idea of Mosaic Addicts doing a little bio post on themselves. This is a picture of me in June this year with my very first mosaic just waiting to be grouted. The turtle was inspired by Tongan ngatu designs which are a part of my heritage. Yep, I’m an absolute beginner and enthusiastic amateur. I’m constantly learning and my ideas are always way, way, way ahead of my skills and experience.
The lesson learned from this mosaic is that pool tiles are really hard to break! And draw in your borders right from the beginning before you stick anything down LOL.
I like taking photos and if you check out my flickr pages there is a set about mosaics I have photographed in Darwin, Australia.
I also keep a mosaics themed blog which started as a place to file away pics of great mosaics, useful information etc and which now seems to have a regular following.
I’m a great believer in people needing to feel passionate about something and in also needing to have a creative outlet. Mosaics seems to be the one for me which is just as well as I cannot knit and crochet or do the traditional women’s crafts. And while I can be creative in the kitchen, it doesn’t exactly last long enough! I get much more excited going to the local hardware store to investigate new glues and grout.


Superhero Mum, originally uploaded by GeoWombats.

And this is me in SuperMum mode wearing a slightly too large stinger suit because I also like to sail baby boats aka toppers. Official uniform for MozAddicts Wildlife Warriors maybe? šŸ˜‰



WooHoo! Our first mosaic contribution…

Lizard by Angela Kingshott

mosaic_addicts : Photos

…and isn’t he a beauty!

The gorgeous lizard on mesh is by Angela Kingshott, who is wellknown to those who frequent the Yahoo groups Mosaic Addicts, MAO and Mosaic Critics.

So a few words about me… I live in England, on the outskirts of
the market town of Aylesbury which is about 15 miles north of
Oxford… I have been doing mosaics for over 3 years now… am a
group organiser for the British Association for Modern Mosaic, am an
exhibited artist having taken part in BAMM exhibitions and Oxford
Art Weeks. My work can also be found in a designer gallery.
Once I heard about the challenge I knew that I had to take part. I
am madly keen on wildlife as if we cannot look after it and the
planet what hope is there for mankind? and I was deeply touched by
Steve Irwin’s approach, his ability to involve people from all
generations and hand on approach – just how I approach mosaic, and
very upset by his untimely death.

I feel that it would be very appropriate if the mosaic world comes
together on the project to provide a fitting memorial for Steve. I
have already donated a lizard on mesh to the project – to get it off
to a flying start, and plan to do an Indian Elephant, as I have
learnt how much they meant to Steve, I also plan a croc, a bird and
who knows maybe a little bit of English wildlife might find its way
in there, just to reflect his global interest in wildlife and to
reflect that Aylesbury was the first place in the world to have a
hospital dedicated to wildlife… which outgrew its home to such an
extent that it is now in Thame and is called Tiggywinkles…