The Deadliest Snakes in the World

And an alarming number are found in Australia!

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1) Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus ), Australia. The most toxic venom of any snake. Maximum yield recorded (for one bite) is 110mg. That would porbably be enough to kill over 100 people or 250,000 mice. With an LD50 of 0.01 mg/kg, it is about 10 times as venomous as a Mojave rattlesnake and 750 times as venomous as a common cobra. The Fierce Snake is native to the arid regions of central Australia, extending from the southeast part of the Northern Territory, and into west Queensland. The Fierce Snake can also be found north of Lake Eyre and to the west of the split of the Murray River, Darling River and Murrumbidgee River. Fierce Snakes are known to live in holes, and feed on small rodents such as mice and rats. Despite its name, Fierce Snakes are not known to be particularly aggressive, but docile. They will strike if provoked, however, injecting their incomparably toxic venom.No fatalities have been attributed to this species, and all known bites have been to people who keep them in captivity or actively seek them out in the wild.

Eastern Brown Snake, originally uploaded by wollombi.

2) Australian Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis ), Australia. One 1/14,000 of an ounce of this vemon is enough to kill a person. The Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) – sometimes referred to as the Common Eastern Brown Snake is the world’s second most venomous land snake, native to Australia and may also be found on the peninsulas of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Eastern Brown Snakes are very fast moving and highly aggressive. When agitated, they will hold their necks high, appearing in a somewhat upright S-shape. The snake will occasionally chase an aggressor and strike at it repeatedly.

Blue Krait
3) Malayan or Blue Krait (Bungarus candidus ), Southeast Asia and Indonesia. 50% of the bites from this snake are fatal even with the use of antivenin treatment.

Kraits are ophiophagous, preying primarily upon other snakes (including venomous varieties) and are cannibalistic, feeding on other kraits. They will also eat small lizards.

All kraits are nocturnal. The snake is more docile during the daylight hours, becoming more aggressive during the night. However, they are rather timid and will often hide their heads within their coiled bodies for protection. When in this posture, they will sometimes whip their tail around as a type of distraction.

Deadly Taipan Snake-04+, originally uploaded by cindytoo.
4) Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus ), Australia. The venom delivered in a single Taipan bite is enough to kill up to 12,000 guinea pigs. The common taipan is the third-most venomous snake on Earth and arguably the second-largest venomous snake in Australia (the first arguably being the mulga, or king brown, snake, Pseudechis australis). The danger posed by the coastal taipan was brought to Australian public awareness in 1950, when young herpetologist Kevin Budden was fatally bitten in capturing the first specimen available for antivenom research.

Tiger Snake, originally uploaded by Xenedis.
5) Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus ), Australia.

All Notechis species have a very potent neurotoxic venom, which may cause neurotoxic, hemolytic, coagulopathic, and myolytic reactions; paralysis or death can ensue in as short as 30 minutes, but if it occurs it is usually on the timespan of 6-24 hours after the bite. Notechis has historically been a significant contributor to snakebite envenomation in Australia. Prior to the development of specific antivenom, Tiger Snake bite fatalities probably approached 60-70% in cases of severe bites. Specific antivenoms are available for the treatment of tiger snake bites. Fortunately the snake will generally flee if intruded upon, but will become aggressive if cornered.

Beaked Sea Snake
6) Beaked Sea Snake
(Enhydrina schistosa )

This is a species of sea snake.It is found in the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf (off Oman), south of the Seychelles and Madagascar, the seas off South Asia (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh), Southeast Asia (Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, Vietnam), and Australia (Northern Territory and Queensland) and New Guinea.

Found in mangrove swamps.

Echis carinatus, originally uploaded by Drew Gardner.
7) Saw Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus ), Middle East Asia.

Echis carinatus is a venomous viper species found in parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, and especially the Indian subcontinent. It is the smallest of the Big Four dangerous snakes of India. Five subspecies are currently recognized, including the typical form described here.

This species is mostly crepuscular and nocturnal, although there have been reports of activity during daylight hours. [2] During they daytime they hide in all kinds of places, such as deep mammal burrows, rock fissures an fallen rotted logs. In sandy environments, they may bury themselves leaving only the head exposed. Often, they are most active after rains or on humid nights.

When alarmed, they put on a distinctive threat display.

They move about mainly sidewinding: a method at which they are considerably proficient and alarmingly quick. They are also capable of other forms of locomotion, but sidewinding seems to be best suited to moving about in their usual sandy habitats. It may also keep them from overheating too quickly, as they leave only two points of contact with the hot surface.

This species is often found climbing in bushes and shrubs, sometimes as much as 2 m above the ground. When it rains, up to 80% of the adult population will climb into bushes and trees. Once, it was observed how some 20 individuals had massed on top of a single cactus or small shrub.

Texas Coral Snake4, originally uploaded by The Horned Jack Lizard.
8 ) Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius ), North America.

The coral snakes are a large group of elapid snakes that can be divided into two distinct groups, New World coral snakes and Old World coral snakes. There are three genera among New World coral snakes that consist of over 65 recognized species.

Coral snakes vary widely in their behavior, but most are very secretive, fossorial snakes which spend the vast majority of their time buried in the ground or in leaf litter of a rainforest floor, only coming to the surface during rains or during breeding season. Some species, like Micrurus surinamensis are almost entirely aquatic and spend most of their lives in slow moving bodies of water that have dense vegetation.

Like all elapid snakes, coral snakes use a pair of small fangs, which are fixed in the front of their top jaw, to deliver their venom. Due to the time it takes for the venom take effect, coral snakes have a tendency to hold on to a victim when biting, unlike vipers which have retractable fangs and tend to prefer to strike and let go immediately. Coral snakes are not aggressive or prone to biting however, and account for less than a single percent of the number of snake bites each year in the United States. Most coral snake bites occur because of accidental handling of the snake while engaged in an activity like gardening.

Due to the small size of coral snakes, along with their having much smaller fangs than pit vipers, bites are frequently ineffective and have some difficulty penetrating shoes or even thick clothing. This along with the fact that coral snakes are quite shy and reclusive makes bites quite rare. However, coral snakes are highly venomous, being the only relative of the cobra found in the New World. Despite their relatively small size, their venom is a powerful neurotoxin, quite capable of killing an adult human. Any bite from a coral snake should be considered life threatening and immediate treatment should be sought. Often there is very little reaction around the bite area, as opposed to the pain and swelling usually associated with a viper bite, and systemic effects can delay manifestation for 8-24 hours. This potential delay in symptoms makes treating coral snake bites particularly tricky, and often results in preventative treatment whether one is displaying symptoms or not. Once the neurotoxin takes effect, it causes the neurotransmitters between the brain and muscles to malfunction. Initially symptoms are slurred speech, double vision, difficulty swallowing, but can quickly progress to muscular paralysis, and even respiratory or cardiac failure if not treated.

Boomslang, originally uploaded by wapstar.
9) Boomslang (Dispholidus typus ), Africa.

A boomslang, Dispholidus typus is a large, venomous colubrid snake native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is the only species in its genus. Its name means “tree snake” in Afrikaans and Dutch.Boomslangs are largely arboreal, are very fast moving, and are oviparous. Their diet includes chameleons and other arboreal lizards, frogs, and occasionally small mammals, birds and eggs from nesting birds, which they swallow whole.

Most members of the colubrid family are harmless, or have relatively weak venom, but the boomslang is an exception. It has a highly potent venom which it delivers through large, deeply grooved fangs that are (like in most other venomous colubrids) located in the rear of the jaw. This type of venomous apparatus is called opisthoglypha. The boomslang is the most dangerous of the snakes with this method of venom delivery, due to its relatively large fangs and its relatively anterior position of the fangs compared to other opisthoglyphic taxa. The bite of the boomslang can be fatal, and has been reported to be not unlike bites from vipers. In 1957, well known herpetologist, Karl Schmidt died after being bitten by a boomslang. D.S. Chapman states that between 1919 and 1962 there were eight serious human envenomations by boomslangs, two of which were fatal. The South African Vaccine Producers (formerly South African Institute of Medical Research) manufactures a monovalent antivenom for boomslang venom. The venom of the boomslang is primarily a hemotoxin. This means that the venom attacks and destroys the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, destroying the blood in its victim. The venom of a boomslang disables blood clotting process and the victim often dies out of numerous internal and external bleedings. Other symptoms include: headache, nausea, sleepiness and mental disorders. Being a relatively slow-acting venom, the symptoms may occur many hours after the bite. On one hand, this provides time for arranging the serum, while on the other hand it may lead victims to underestimate the bite (especially when, as with other snakes, not every bite injects venom).

An adult snake has 4-8 mg of venom. 5 mg is said to be enough to kill a man.

The boomslang is a timid snake, and bites generally occur only while attempting to handle, catch or kill the snake.

death adder – acanthophis antarcticus, originally uploaded by fraser baz.
10) Death Adder (Acanthopis antarcticus ), Australia and New Guinea.

Death adders are very viper-like in appearance, having triangular shaped heads and small subocular scales. They also have vertical pupils and many small scales on the top of the head. Like vipers, they have short, fat bodies (normally 50 – 90 cm (20 – 36 inches) long). Their fangs are also longer and more mobile than for most other elapids, although still far from the size seen in some of the true vipers. Despite their name and appearance, they are not vipers at all, but elapids (like all Australian venomous snakes). This is a case of convergent evolution.

It normally takes 2 – 3 years to reach adult size. Females are generally slightly larger than the males. They can also be easily distinguished from other Australian snakes because of a short spine protruding from their tails. Most have large bands around their bodies, though the color itself is variable. Colors are usually grey or red, but also include brown, greenish-grey, or yellow.

Death adders inject on average 40 – 100 mg of extremely toxic venom (0.4 – 0.5 mg/kg murine LD50, subcutaneous) with a bite. This makes an untreated death adder bite one of the most dangerous in the world (rated in top 10 in the CSL list).

Death adder venom is highly neurotoxic. It blocks the post-synaptic neuromuscular transmission from the acetylcholine receptor. Unlike other snakes of its type, it does not contain either procoagulants or myolysins, making treatment easier.

A bite from a death adder causes paralysis. While this paralysis is very minor at first, it can cause death from a complete respiratory shutdown in as little as six hours. Symptoms peak in 24 – 48 hours.

Symptoms of envenomation can be reversed through the use of death adder antivenom, or using anticholinesterases, which break the synaptic blockade by making acetylcholine more available to the brain.

Before antivenom was introduced, 50% of death adder bites were fatal. Now, with the antivenom, and due to the slow progression of envenomation symptoms, fatalities from death adder bites are very rare in Australia. In New Guinea, deaths from these snakes are still common.

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  5. I simply love snakes! True, they’re not my very favorite animal, but I still pick them up like Steve did. Living in Iowa, I usually see only Garter snakes and bullsnakes, but boy can they be fiesty!! Like Steve Irwin knew, I know that most snakes are only deffencive until they figure out you mean them no harm, then they’re as gentle as a kitten. I found a wild Garter snake once. It continuosly struck at me, but luckily it wasn’t very long. I had that fiesty little snake “tamed” within ten minutes. That made me feel really good because I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Steve’s, and was very sad on Sep.4 when he died. I’ll miss you, mate!!!!!!!!!

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    • All snakes are VERY aggresive when cornered Robert. Here in Australia, we have 9 out of the top ten deadliest snakes in the world, or 22 out of the top 25, & all our snakes WILL chase you, and have 10 times the venom strength of the black mamba….basically an Aussie snake would eat it for breakfast.

      • Rachel Lozon

        Yah right!!! A Black Mamba was found eating a full grown Forest Cobra. The snakes in Australia are lucky there are no Mambas.

      • Complete moronic bull!! Australia has 6 of the top 10 most venomous on a drop for drop basis to mice… and maybe 1 or 2 to humans.. Stop overrating the highly overrated australia snakes… Most deadly snakes to humans come from asia… Most toxic snake family to humans are the kraits

      • What do you mean all of them will chase you? Only about 3 or 4 of them will do it. Do you go around poking at them with a stick or something? You know we have some deadly snakes here but they aren’t as aggresive as some of the others around the world. I’d rather take on a Death Adder or a Taipan than a Black Mamba dude. The only snake here that would come close to the aggresiveness of the Mamba is the King Brown.

    • Dude seriously black mambas are so totally incredibly awesome and super dangerous

    • You have obviously never had to deal with a Tiger Snake. They will stalk you for days, waiting until you drop your guard.

    • cheyenne anderson

      yes this is very true. my father was bitten by a balck mamba and it nearly killed him. it should be atleast number two. because the inliand tipan is right up there with it.

    • because the snakes above, their venom’s are more potent to humans yes the mamba is extremely poisonous however most of these snakes have presynaptic and postsynaptic procoagulants in the toxins

    • No way, they can’t chase you, they don’t have any legs.

  11. Uhmm…the absence of the Black Mamba from this list makes the information here highly suspect. Every other list i’ve seen includes the Mamba as no lower than the 5th most venomous/deadliest snake in the world.

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    • In Africa there is so many venomous snakes. There is like ninety of them or even a hundred. Because I am from Africa. Black mambas can go up to 20 kilometres per hour.

  18. Hey, I’m a mosaicist not a herpetologist! So blame someone else for the ranking of the snakes – I just looked up the info after I got an initial list. But I did look at several lists and the black mamba wasn’t on any of them…

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  23. Nice page/info….i watched a program the other day about a snake catcher in oz he was called the snake man!!whoo lol…but on this program it said that the brown snake was the most venomous snake which i knew wasnt right so i emaild them saying that th info they used may not have correct they answered saying that i must have miss heard the program(which i didnt cos i had it taped) so emailed them back again with the quotes and all they answerd back saying i was write and what was meant to be said was that the brown snake is one of the most DANGEROUS snake in oz which is fair enough really!! but what do you guy feel…i agree btw thatnks for taking the time to read this if you do!!

  24. Although I am really scared of snakes, I try to learn as much about them as I can. Your picture of the Boomslang appears to be more like a Natal Spotted Bush snake… which is completely harmless… Please check the picture… search Google Images for “Spotted Bush Snake” to see.

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  26. the black mamba is the 4th most venomous snake in the world

    • I don’t want to debate the ranking of the Black mamba as I am no expert, but I was reading up on the fierce snake (inland taipan), it seems this snake is one of the least aggressive of aussie snakes, but it does have the lowest LD50 rating for venom,,,, Inland Taipan (LD50 = 0.025)…. it is the most venomous snake on earth,,,, the mamba may be the most aggressive, I don’t know, but I sure wouldn’t wanna mess with one, or a krait for that matter, but they don’t concern me, deathh adders and eastern browns are an actual threat to me as they are local snakes. Anyone who hasn’t seen a death adder close up has no idea, they are nasty angry little buggers, I was drinking at a mates place one night and a drunken idiot there taunted one that the host had brought out and put it on this long table, then as I was telling this dude he was in serious danger the death adder launched itself and jumped, the distance and speed it covered the gap (about 6 or 7 feet) shocked me. the next thing we hear the idiot hollerin, lucky the ambulance turned up, he was in a bad way after about 15 minutes,,,,, that is still the dumbest thing I ever saw…….. does anyone have the LD50 for the black mamba ?.. love to know, but do not let anyone tell you that the death adder is’nt a real bad MoFo, they are extremely aggressive if provoked, and to think I also have the worlds deadliest spider living local as well,,,,, now the funnel web spider is a complete bastard, and talk about extreme aggression,,,, they take the cake.

    • LD50 for the black mamba is 0.32 mg/kg which is lower(more toxic) than the death adder. They are capable of injecting up to 400 mg per bite.

  27. no black mamba -100% mortality w/o antivenom(like the coastal taipan)
    no russell’s viper-kills more per square mile in the entire world
    no puff adder- Toxic and a hell of a strike
    are you kidding me??
    saw scaled no doubt – most fatalites in the world
    taipan, tiger – VERY Agressive and Very Toxic
    death adder/brown – deadly
    boomslang – very toxic but not aggresive
    did any one mention that the black mamba is the worlds fastet snake and with the coastal taipan capable of multiple facial strikes. Those two give me nightmares!!!
    Did anyone mention venom yield per bite?? A lot of venous snake bites do nor result in significant envemomation.

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    I am also like the biggest fan of snakes and i have one.

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    Some fascinating information. However its a pity the Black Mamba was missed. The first two lists I came upon on the net listed the Mamba in the top 10 . Also the Russells Pit Viper, Bushmaster and the Fer de lance have a decent reputation in the countries they inhabit.

  32. i grew up in kwa zulu natal on sa .Once saw a black mamba that was so large that its body spread right across a two lane road.let me tell you it was an awesome sight.the inland taipan is certainly known to be the deadliest land snake due to its venom but the belchers sea snake has a venom far more toxic ,and is considered to be the most toxis snake on the planet .

    • I will never mess with a black mamba . I live in Mpumalanga SA and we have plenty of them around. I know of two couples who have lost children to the black mamba. Its the only snake i know of that will leave its shelter ex ( hole ) to bite you. Which is what happend to a little 6 year old in the area i live he was walking through the bush when the snake left its hole and attacked the the boy. The boy was no where near the nake its almost as if the mamba wanted to spite him. Around here we say that when the devil came to Eve he came as a mamba. Every thing about it is evil take a good look at its jaw structure it looks like it is always grinning and the coffin head and black mouth doesnt look any better. Anywas in my opinion the mamba may not be the venomus but every one should really respect them and give them their space I can promise you the mamba has no fear of you or me so be careful if you ever come accross one.

    • The one snake I have seen a hell of a lot of is the eastern brown, and some of those were very big and long, I have never seen one in a hole before, they dont seem afraid of anything or anyone, although they do get afraid when surrounded by humans, I worked as a fettler on the railways for a while, and we killed at least a hundred of them, a few with sticks at a safe distance (actually there is no such thing, but we were young),, and one bloke grabs it by the rear, and (I hope I dont upset anyone), you do this very quickly, whip the snake and crack it like a whip, head flies off like a bullet. there are so many out there that they are viewed by many people as too much of a threat (all this was back in the 70’s),…… as a kid, I learned from my aboriginal mates that the brown was very dangerous, but the snake is simply no match for a cricket bat, this kid known simply as Bogi (a blue tongue lizard with very powerful jaws, found in the arid regions), his real name was ronald, but even he had almost forgotten it, let me tell you, when the browns saw this kid with his cricket bat they skiddadled as fast as they could…. I never saw a single snake that ever survived an encounter with Bogi, these days, I am much more wary of them, they are too dangerous if you are alone, just sneak away and the snake will leave you alone, the eastern brown may not have the toxicity of the inland Taipan, but it delivers a large dose so I am told…… touch wood, but so far I have never been bitten.
      As for the guys in africa who said they stay clear of the mamba, I think that’s the wisest choice, same for the death adder who is very very aggressive too….. as I said earlier, I have witnessed a man being bitten by a death adder., and he deserved it too.

  33. quite informative but pls include some more infm abt other poisonous snakes like banded krait , pit vipers, king cobras & sea snakes

  34. The best ever human to be involved in the nature ov animals,reptiles & every living creature will be looking down on everyone else to make sure all his hard work was not in vane.
    R.I.P Steve Irwin.

  35. in this list no appear other species very dangerous and venomous like a venezuelan mountain coral snake (micrurus mipartitus), the monaguense rattlesnake (crotalus vegrandis) the biggest rattlesnake in the world the cuaima piña or bushmaster (lachesis muta), the black mamba (dendroaspis polylepis) and many others (many sea snakes very very venomous), ths jararaca (bothrops jararaca) and butterfly tiger (bothrops venezuelensis) please review this species

  36. Im sorry but i am an ultimate snake fan,seeing as their my favorite animals, and i couldnt help but notice that you havent mentioned some snakes which r without doubt in the top 10 most deadly, like the Black Mamba, of course for being the fastest snake (12-14 mph) in the world and the 2nd most longest in the world and also possessing a very potent, very deadly venom consisting of neurotoxins andcardiotoxins, not to mention it is very widespread in a human inhabited area where i think there is no medical facilities. Others are the cottonmouth, gaboon and russels viper. Nevertheless your info about the mentioned snakes is pretty accurate and can influence other people how awesome these creatures are.

  37. Its great!

  38. Very nice pics!!!! However the pic of the Boomslang is incorrect.The one faetured is a harmless Spotted Bush snake (Philothamnus semivariegatus). Check out
    Burger Loots
    South Africa

  39. The Black mamba is not as Fierce as folklore predicts.Graetly misunderstood is more true.
    Burger Loots

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  41. what about the black mamba, green mamba, egipt cobra, pov adder. I have seen them all and are extreamly piosines snakes . I live in south-africa on an buch farm

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    This is a very interesting collection of snakes i am very young and love to learn about snakes and other reptiles and i read about all the snakes and all the comments and i think people agree with me that you have a nice collection

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      i cant find any good information but when i hit this site i was happy annd i got to pick
      up heeps of good infomation on my favourite snake THE INLAND TAIPAN!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU to who ever created this site you are so dam awsome!!!!!!!!!

  43. The contents are very informative. Datas about other deadly snakes all over the world can be included.The pictures included are also of very good clarity which is awesome.

  44. hang on hang on hang on! i have never heard anyone dissagree to inland taipan as number one? it can kill 100 full grown men with the ammount of venom delivered in an averaged out bite dose. many times more then any other snake including ur precious black mamba. Is anyone familiar with LD50? (50% lethal dose) which is the ammonut of venom needed to kill 50% of the animals into which it is injected. Inland taipan av number of mice LD50 doses per bite = 218 000 coastal taipan= 95000 common cobra = 17000 tiger snake= 15000 common death adder =12000 king cobra= 11000 king brown =5000 eastern diamondback rattlesnake = 2700 common brown= 4000 copperhead= 2500 common black snake= 700 this is not top 10 list but just a gauge for u to look at the difference. as for many of these sites people who supply, read, correct sites need to make sure they know the difference between most venomous (max venom yeild and toxicity added) , most toxic (most toxic per mg of venom) and most deadliest ( venom yeild + toxicity + possible contact with humans + snake temperament + mortality rate of previous bite victims) just my two cents but the fact you have created interest and disscusion about snakes is much appreciated and hopefully educates some people who wouldnt normally be interested.

    • There are no recorded human fatalities caused by the Inland Taipan. There are several by the Black Mamba. I rest my case.

      • Keep in mind that this list is about thedeadliest snakes in the world based on their venom and not how dangerous they are. There is a big difference between what is deadly and what is dangerous. It’s the toxicity amount of these snakes that make them the most deadly and not how dangerous or agressive a particular species is

      • Even gonig by LD50 on mice this list does not include some toxic snakes. The Death Adder has a leathal dose of 0.5mg per kg. In comparison the Black Mamba’s is 0.32mg per kg and has a larger average venom yield. Why didn’t it make the list when it is more toxic?

      • Where the inland Taipan lives, there is a very low density of people, so bites per head of population is rare, so figures can be misleading, and inti-venom is freely available therefor a large proportion of bites are treated. Geopgraphically, the black mamba may exist in higher density population and may attrasct a higher bite rate. Again, figures can be read in a number of ways.

      • Give us a break mate, YOU REST YOUR CASE ???…… recorded human fatalities ???…. what about the 40000 plus years of aboriginal habitation in Australia, they didnt write nor did they have filing cabinets,,,,,, let me just say this mate,,, If you had the Fierce Snake living among the population areas over there in africa,,,, you would have a problem, they are not very agressive, but you DO NOT WANNA DISTURB ONE…… we are not in a court of law, and if you get bitten by an inland taipan, its most likely that you are hundreds of miles from medical aid,,,, your death may never be recorded as chances are when somebody does find you, you are a skeleton…………. but do stay away from your snakes, wise choice.

      • Steve Irwin did a show where he let an inland taipan come right up to his face due to their calm nature. He also did a show with a black mamba and said it was like “a taipan on steroids.” When he disturbed it, it clearly went on the offensive. He went on to compare it to a great white shark and a morauding lion and said the black mamba will kill you just as quick. Yes a bite from an inland taipan would be very serious/lethal but the fact is they are reluctant to bite. The black mamba also has an extremely toxic venom to humans and is much more likely to use it. This list is titled The Deadliest Snakes In The World not the Most Toxic or Most Potentially Deadly so due to all the factors-willingness to bite, population/distribution, medical facilities, toxicity(the black mamba has a 100% untreated mortality rate and can cause rapid death) it is a deadlier snake than the inland taipan.

  45. absoloutly awsome i love the detail so commencing

  46. So awesome to see all of this curiosity about snakes!! It is absolutely paramount to have the most information available to the people sharing living space with these animals, and it’s promising to see you all take a step here. I would love a compilation of a few different lists of snakes: most toxic venom, most venom injected per bite, and most fatalities and WHY. Seems we could keep this discussion and interest rolling if there was more info for the readers. Keep reading and learning!

  47. again i will repeat what was said by other posts what about the black/brown mamba is is one of them ost dealiest if not he most

  48. I agree with the ozzie keeper, excellent site and there is a standard criteria in which to base the snakes being ‘deadly’. Perhaps a little surprised about the non-inclusion of the Black Mamba, it is exceedingly fast.
    Snake fan from New Zealand

  49. My question is to aussie_keeper and others. I have read many forums and did a research and understood that Inland Taipan is the most venomous snake in the world.But I would like to know the postion of the King Cobra and Black Mamba among the top list.Well according to me the King Cobra is “The Snake” in the world be it a poisonous snake or a Non.I want the Aussie keeper to throw some light on King Cobra as well.

    Thanks for your info in advance.

  50. everybodys always talking about these toxic snakes and they do demand a hell of respect but with antivenom on hand wheres the fun. imagine a 25 foot green anaconda putting the big squeeze on ya ass you will soon forget about fangs and venom. but one thing we will all never forget is the way stevo put his life on the line time and time again so we all can have the knowledge we got from this great person. RIP STEVO WE ALL MISS YOU AND YOUR WILD LIFE MISSION.

  51. Yes Kremo you are right we all love Steve and we miss him so much……..

  52. The biggest rattlesnake ever reported to myself was an twenty foot rattlesnake. And about fourteen inches around. This was told by my uncle and was seen in southcentral Montana. He reported to seen this rattlesnake eat an whole sheep; alive and at once.

    • the moonshine obviously helped with the size of the rattler;)

    • YEEEE—HAAAAAA, They sure do have big critters and varmints up thar in MONTANNY…….. yeah, that’s a good one cobber, to think all I got to worry about are Funnell Web Spiders, Death Adders, Eastern Brown snakes,,,,, red belly black snakes, Taipans, great white sharks and the worst of all earth’s creatures (apart from us maybe), the Irukandji… ……… I never knew about this evil bugger until a while ago when I saw a doco about this nightmare of the oceans, just check out that link I put there, and happy dreams from now on, I aint never jumping into Queensland’s waters ever again.

  53. Comon Frank H.Robbins it cant be true,the largest Venemous snake in the world is King Cobra which is eighteen foot long. Your uncle might seen an Anaconda or a Python.

  54. I think this website was very educational on the species and their habitats. I will definetly be back to look some more.

  55. wow i never saw so many snakes that is poisnous in my whole life

  56. you did a great job for wild life ,here and overseas, pity didnt catch up with you since you left melbourne, when i last saw you , hope family well Bob,Joy,Mandy and their families too

  57. when i have started watching nat geo, discovery and animal planate ……..i have became more lover of mainly snakes and nature

  58. hiiiiiiii this is great to been on this site & i got lots of information from this site i need some more info about world’ s top ten dedliest snakes in order of them attacking & venoum power wid photos n information

  59. cameron mcdaniel

    spiders scare me more than snakes

  60. It was a very brief and Useful Information provided for us .Thank q very much

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  62. snakes are very dangerous animals……..thx

  63. in the comments section i saw alot of comments about the black mamba, it is one of the deadliest snakes in the world but not in the top 10 for deadliest, if you bring up a list of the most dangerous snakes the black mamba will be in there for sure, with the deadliest snake list they are all more unexpected to when they will bite where as the most dangerous list is deadly snakes which will bite at any given oportunity.
    and the list of the worlds deadliest snakes above is accurate but i havnt done much research on number 3 though

  64. I like snakes i want to know about snakes and save them.if you help pls send me
    Guntur (dist),

  65. i am a teromoudus snake fan poisonous or not i love them and grue up around them

  66. Nice collection of venomous snakes as far as I know this list is pretty accurate in terms of LD50 factor which measures the amount venom needed to kill a mouse a common myth that it reflects the same toxicity to humans – consider the Sydney funnel web one of the deadliest speices of spider to man but no effect on mice, but it is the only indicator that we have at the moment since you cant really test it on humans.

    As for deadliest snake that would just be on how you measure it considering the number one on your list has no confirmed deaths attributed to it yet the saw scaled viper and russells viper kills thousands a year.

    Personally the dealiest snake is the fatally venomous snake which just bit me or in the case of the consitrictors the one whos squeeing the life out of me.

  67. The Info. is amazing! I’ve learned way more than I did before! Steve Irwin was my hero. I’ve learned so much from watching his show my whole life (15 years). I will live out my dream and be just like my hero. Save animals and work hard to become a herpetologist. I am the biggest Steve Irwin fan you can find in Iowa!!! I am also the biggest snake fan you can find in Iowa!!!

  68. Mecolo Lengunie

    EWE that is so grose!!!!! I usually hate snakes but these kind are really cool

  69. Phill MacKracken

    No mention of the “Trouser Snake” here. I actually own a trouser snake and it has bit the Mrs. a few times. I dont know how venomous they are but the mrs ain’t scared to hold it

  70. Do snakes attack even if you are not attacking it?

  71. I trully love snakes . They are the amazing creatures in the whole world for me.
    I love them because they are really dangerous and I love dangerous things.

  72. Great!!Lots of reasearch for my HW thanks god!

  73. Steve gave me a snake dictionary. Fantastic work by the crocodile hunter.

  74. No Black Mamba?

  75. these snakes look pretty scary but there so pretty this is samantha gayle browning

  76. The great crocodile hunter has given us all such a valuable information regarding snakes. The exemplary legend has now left us all alone in this world. But his marvellous and adventurous deeds will remain in the history of the world forever.

  77. Perhaps the list is the most venomous, not the deadliest. That would possibly explain why the Mamba isn’t on here.

    • I find it really difficult to rate the top most deadliest snakes, the reason being is that you are either looking at the toxicity of the venom vs the amount of venom injected vs the number of deaths caused by the snakes bite, these all being factors result in point of view information, changing at every different view,for eg : the black mamba is a formidable snake, it has a high mortality rate and is resonably comon cases of bites ,but its venom although not the most poisonous is injected enough to kill a human twice over if not more, the boomslang is another example it has very few bites on record, it is not agressive, but it found its way on the list because of its quite potent venom but it also only really injets enough to kill one person, another snake is the puff adder although its venom is hardly as venomous as some of the other snakes on the list but it has thousands and thousands of reported deaths to its name, and has more comon bites to that of some of the other snakes on the list, yes if antivenom is aplied in due time the death rate is rare, so how can you factor all of these factors in and still have accurate data, truth is when you talking most deadliest snakes then you should be using most confirmed deaths, most venomous should be factored on the ratio of strength of venom and the amount of venom injected you should work out the actual potency of the snake in terms how many humans it could kill with a full blown bite i use the word ‘could’ because not all snakes get as much opportunity to administer venom. sorry for my extremly long text , i have been looking at all different sites to see the most accurate in terms undimishable evidence,and found point of view everywhere . thank you ps: all examples are of South African snakes and is only because i am most fimiliar with them apologies to the ausies you snakes are great too!!!

  78. really freakin awsome i have watched steve’s shows ever since they have come on and i have become so snake savy that i plan to be a herpetologist just because of steve and wat i have learned by watching his show i was so devistaed on sept-4- 2006 that i actually got a tattoo of a crocodile head with a tear on my shoulder with 1996-2006 below it

  79. what is truly the most venoumes snake with in the whole world… and also what is the bigest snake rec… and also why can gaters sht down there hearts and live with in froven pounds for… what makes them so spec to be abel to do that.. and also has any oen ever found out why the great white shark is not able to live with in captivy yet.. and how can the bull sharl go from fresh water to salt water… and also what makes the great white so spec to abel abel to go to such cold water like it does… meaning far as the artic ocean to get food…

  80. black mambas everyone ive talked are the deadliest snake in the world and the fact that the king cobra does let go of its bite until 9 teaspoons of venom is in you and its enough to kill 20 humans or an elephant in minutes its amazing there not on the top 10 let alone top 3

  81. Steve Irwin taught me a lot about snakes.I love snake now. Steve was my hero because he show us aussie the real Australia wildlife n im PROUND TO BE AN AUSSIE THANKS STEVE UR TRUE BLUE AUSSIE MATE

  82. everyone who has watched snake docos by experts knows the INLAND TAIPAN of AUSTRALIA is the worlds most venomous snake.But this does not make it the worlds most deadliest snake this should go to the snakes which cause the most deaths deaths per population.I think that leaves the black mamba and the russells viper as the two most DEADLIEST snakes in the world.good informative site and list.steve was a great australian and may he rest in peace

  83. That you have to watch out and you seem to know alot about snakes. Bye, Bye!!!!

  84. Steve was Unreal person ….
    i really love the way he catches snaks nd Crocs…

    well thr r still few More Deadliest Snakes which r 2 b discovered …. i wish he would have got tht 2 …

    like the Coral nd Few more Sea Snakes …

    thr is a green Creeper snake in INDIA which neeeds 2 get attention ……

  85. Well obviously the black mamba may fit in as a Deadlier snake because it is more Aggressive, However! its venom is not nearly as lethal when compare to the others that actually made the list, the list is more focused on the capable killing power in the venom than the actual Kills accumulated by the snake itself.

  86. I get to know about some of the dangerous snakes in the world. Its really amazing to me.

  87. some of u should read what the list is about.VENOMOUS snakes!the black mamba isnt one of the most venomous in the WORLD.But probably num 1 in africa.

    • Actually the list is most deadly. If bitten by the Death Adder you have a 50% chance of death without treatment. Black Mamba 100% death without treatment. This would make the Black Mamba twice as deadly.

  88. i love the pohotos of the snake it is really beautiful.

    • in my childhood i think that snakes are deadly things and everyone should kill them,but now i think that they should alive to make the Earth more beautiful and God has given rights to live them.So don’t kill them.

  89. woooooooo the snakes do look firece and they are really poisonous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Unfortunately, this is a terrible list.

    Deadliest must refer to a one on one encounter in close proximity to a snake that would tempt it to bite, for example, stepping on or too close to it. Now, the list changes considerably.

    The Inland Taipan is NOT an aggressive snake. In addition, it has small fangs, making envenomation much more difficult. Furthermore, even if it succeeds in biting, it’s small venom glands do NOT make it as potentially lethal as others.

    The coral snake has NO place on a list of the most deadly. Puny mouth, puny fangs, tiny venom glands.

    The krait, seasnake, and boomslang are extremely toxic, yet all are very shy and unlikely to bite unless grabbed or stepped on. Their being on this list is also silly.

    If you talk to people who could answer this best, those who milk snake venom for a living, or those who capture snakes for research purposes, the common taipan of Australia closely contends with the black mamba as the deadliest snake. They both have all the necessary qualities that most of this list fails at, they can close the distance between a percieved threat fast, unlike the vipers on this list, they have very lethal venom, large venom glands, fast and accurate strikes, and finally, LONG fangs to deliver the venom.

  91. Great..

  92. This information is terrific, but I have always seen the black mamba as the deadliest snake in the world. It does not have the most potent venom, but, from my understanding, it’s aggression, speed, size, and it’s highly toxic venom make it the deadliest. It is also found where most people in africa are. It hides in the bushes where crops are grown. It can also be found in the trees.

  93. First of all, everyone confuses a potent LD50 venom with making a snake ‘the deadliest’. That makes it the ‘most venomous’ but the two are not remotely interchangeable. ‘Deadliest’ is a combination of factors, including LD50, aggressiveness, speed, ability to accurately strike, etc. A small, slow, timid snake that avoids confrontation with a higher LD50 is LESS ‘Deadly’ than a more aggressive snake with a lower LD50. Using LD50 as the criteria for ‘deadliest’ is like saying that when comparing two armed men, the one with the BIGGER gun is the ‘deadlier’….despite the fact that the guy with the bigger gun may be so reluctant to fire as to not have a gun.

  94. Mike has a point, large constrictors can technically kill you MUCH faster than any venomous snake in the world. If a 20 foot python grabs you, you’re going to suffocate way quicker than even a full shot of Taipan or Mamba venom could do you in. Not to mention, if a large constrictor grabs you, you’re not getting a chance to go to the hospital..

  95. I found this list informative, though there are a few snakes that I thought would be 1, 2 and 3…

  96. this list gave me a lot of stuff for my HW!! Thanks

  97. well the black mamba might be agrresive and all butyou might be interested to know that the venom is not as deadly as the snakes that are listed on here also with the anti-venom that is now in play makes it less deadly…. but i would like to know the name of the snake that a friend had called the three step snake can someone pls tell me

  98. MAC you took the words right outta my mouth

  99. samtank and Mac might be correct, but the fierce snake is still the one I would not want to step on.

  100. I am surprised that the author did not give the LD50 for each snake and then rank order them based on this data.

  101. i am very scared of snakes i find this very informative i have nightmares especially when i watch snakes on the plane i have only seen a snake once it was a baby but i know that in paradise they are no other wild animals will harm us

  102. Love the site and stevie boy will be missed. But have to agree with alot of people about the Black Mamba, which should definately be on the list as this thing will bite you several times and inject more venom in one bite than any other other snake in its classed. Its very territorial, extremly aggressive, very fast, has height, and is widely common throughout Africa. But even so I love one as a gaurd dog, but it would probably be a short relationship ! Love the site….JK

  103. cool man , niceli arranged and well built information u gave!!! i appreciate dat! keep it up!!

  104. i love the pics and u all are doind a great job keep it up

  105. More than the above mentioned list, the debate it has led to in the blogs is impressing, especially with the interpretations given to the words “deadly,” “venomous,” “toxic.” I think Saw Scaled Viper, Black Mamba, Indian Cobra have killed more people than any other snake ! These can be listed as the most dangerous or deadliest snakes though they are not the most venomous snakes !

  106. I stay at an area which is dominated by ppoisinous snakes incliding the black mamba. My worry when i looked on this site, is that people are very sceptical about this research of information. I mean they are quick to critisize and are slow to advise. My plea to better this vital information is that those who have more knowledge must stop critisising this site, instead they must help get more information to poeple like my self. This information was helpful and can improve. Siyabonga!

    Makhado South Africa

  107. The Black Mamba in my mind is the #1 most “dangerous” snake in the world. But this list is the most “deadliest”. Black Mamba venom would rank in the top 15-20, not top 10. That’s why it isn’t on Steves list. Glorious!!!

  108. i like the snakes and all but what i’m searching for is the big ones like the anacondas and the reticulus phyton

  109. CROCS RULE!!!!

  110. The Black Mumba. It could also be called “The Nike Snake” (because it’s very athletic, fast and all.) Lol. It’s all good. 😀 Hey, Yall forgot “The Asian Cobra!”, Another bad muthafuckin’ snake that can kill you as well! My man Steve Irwin IS NEVER 4GOTTEN! He’s a legend! Thank you great one for informing us!, AND FOR JUST being there! 🙂 My respects go to his family as well. And no Steve is not crazy, He’s just a wyld, kool guy! 😀

  111. i love snakes there is nothing more that interest me

  112. great is thy collection but i wander wether king cobra is one of the deadliest,also i wud like you to ponder over rattle snakes

  113. this list is incomplete. The world no doubt most dangerous snake BLACK MUMBA is missing. And King Cobra,russel viper,Fer de lance are missing

  114. African Black Mumba is the most dangerous snake on the planet.

  115. Blackmamba is one of the most poisonous snakes for sure, but this list is for the deadliest snakes.

  116. Ok! We can understand…but let’s say if you have to handle with them one by one, which will be most dangerous,nervous and deadliest for you. Try it!!! Others might let you go but Black Mumba might not!

  117. no way is the inland taipan the deadliest. the black mamba’s the world’s deadliest snake

  118. I loved Steve Irwin sinse i was only 2 and saw ever show that he made. I also saw Bindi’s saw and she will be just like her dad. Also i thought that the black mamba was the world deadliest snake in the world, but it is the inland taipan.

  119. …it is really a great website…
    ….Im not that fanatic to SNAKES but I think it is interesting to learn,,,In my whole life I didnt see big snakes but only those little creatures,,,,I hope I could also see deadly and poisonous snakes…to something unique…;>>>JHOWn<<<<

  120. wow they were some scarey pics … Amazing!!
    how did you get so close??
    you are probably steve Irwins Side Kicks!!
    good luck for the future snap shotting!!
    dont get bitten
    Jody Hellis

  121. Hi,nice’s black mamba info…enjoy. YouTube – Black Mamba vs. Animal Kingdom

  122. This list is based upon the most toxic venom for a given volume (the LD 50). The mamba venom is not as deadly but its bite is always fatal if untreated because of the volume that is injected and it certainly it is the most dangerous snake in the world.

  123. sissi verdie de gavour

    well, i was born in brazil shering a farmer with jararaca, cascavel, cobra coral, sucuri the would known as boa,cabesa de capanga,urutu, they all can send you to talk to st peter in a short time. i have a lot of respect for these reptiles and love them, i am on my way to arizona to build the first sanctuary for all those snake that people are killing to building new houses. you may think i am, crasy , i am sure you will joyn sissi


    i like this ,bcoz i can know them witout any harm. and my whole credit goes 2 my hero “STEEVE”.i am an indian,so i can’t know many kinds of snakes apart 4rom my place.this helps me alot….

  125. Kay {Babieboo} ♥

    This thing is a liar the so called #10 snake is #5!! if u r gunna show it show it right!!!! Dont listen 2 it!! LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Kay {Babieboo} ♥

  127. How in the hell does the coral snake make ‘The Deadliest Snakes in the World’ list and the Black Mamba get left off? The coral snake kills one person per century! I wish folks would get it right……a high LD50 doesn’t make you ‘The Deadliest’ just the most toxic venom. The Black Mamba may not be number 1 on the ‘Highest LD50’ list, but it’s number 1 on ‘The Deadliest Snakes in the World’ list. When confronted by an angry version of any of these species, the Black Mamba is the one most likely to ensure your name becomes a statistic, hands down!

  128. Enough with your Black mamba!
    yes its venomous but the taipans kick but!!! and secondly you people need to take into consideration of the LD50! that aussie_keeper knows what he’s talking about but you guys don’t know JACK!

    • I never go by LD50 to determine how deadly a snake is to people. It can be unreliable for several reasons. 1 the venom a snake produces changes composition from juvenile to adult. 2 read W. Wusters artical about LD50. It shows how the toxicologits he observed have little interest in snakes and 50%-75% of the species were misidentified. 3 we are not mice. What I go by are clinical studies(Davidson, etc) on snake bite victoms. As an example the Death Adder bites are 50% fatal without treatment. The Black Mamba 100% fatal without treatment. Wich is more deadly?

      • Rachel, time to get over the Black Mamba. Yes it is a big, bad and dangerous snake. Yes, 100% if bites are fatal without anti venom. But, so are bites from Coastal Taipans. I have worked daily with over 700 venomous snakes for the last 20 years. Our collection includes mambas, taipans, cobras, rattlers etc. We have over 312 species at our facility. I have milked over 100 snakes a day for 20 years. I have spent thousands of hours in the field, here in Australia, Africa, Asia and The Americas. My two favourite snakes are the Coastal Taipan and Black Mamba. Both are very similar and are a great example of convergent evolution. The Taipan is slightly slower moving acoss open ground (about 13mph opposed to a mambas 14mpg), but strikes faster, is more intelligent, stronger in the body, has longer fangs, better eyesight, slighty more alert and much more potent venom… Give me an angry Mamba over and angry Taipan ANYDAY.

        Both snakes are horrendously dangerous in experienced hands though, and make most of the snakes on the above list look like puppy dogs.

      • BGF, On one of my other comments I say the Black Mamba/Costal Taipan should be considered the deadliest. I used the Death Adder as an example to show how inaccurate the list is. I don’t know how much smater the Taipan is. Black Mambas seem to be very calculating in their actions. Being good climbers Black Mambas can come back over their bodies easily making tailing very risky. They can also rear up higher, are on average longer and have a knack for pulling their heads free. The Costal Taipan also has my absolute respect. Both can be monsters when approched although the Mabma can close the distance faster. Handling either of these should a 2 person job. They both have a tendancy to tangle you up with their bodies. It is amazing how similar they are. Both have long fangs for elapids and are right at the front. They can stab like a viper. I give a slight edge to the Mamba for speed and agility. With your experience could you let me know your deadliest list? I think the King Cobra should also be included(Forest Cobras are no fun to work with either).

  129. samarth srivastava

    i like learning about snakes.

    this is a very good site

  130. I have a hard time believing that the Fer-de-lance is not included somewhere on this list (South America). I’m from Colombia, and this is definately the most feared snake in the western hemisphere. I knew of several people who died from it’s bite when I lived in the jungle, the person I actually knew pretty well only had 3 hours after he was struck. … anyone know how the Fer-de-lance measures up?

  131. it’s great information. up until nowi didn’t know the ring/blue krait is the 3rd venomous snake in the world. and im so damn lucky to be alive after i was bitten during an expedition back in sri lanka. i recognise the snake straigh away after i was bitten but didn’t had the courage the to kill it coz i love snakes so much.

    to give u an idea how much it hurts when the snake bites you, multyply the pain from an injection by 100’s, if u do bush walking and shit wear proper foot wear and jeans and stuff. never go in shorts. i was saved by my jeans coz i didn’t get the full bite. if i did well ooooppppsssss

    Long Live Ring Krait i love you…………

  132. From what I can tell, no two top ten list of deadliest venomous snakes are alike, but the absence of the Black Mamba is an oversight. If you didn’t see it on any of your deadliest list searches you didn’t do much research.

    Also the King Cobra is known for being capable of delivering by far the most venom that can compensate for its lack of venom deadliness compared to other deadly snakes.

    This list does have the nicest pictures I’ve seen.

  133. By the way, the title of the article is “The Deadliest Snakes in the World” and not “The Most Venomous Snakes in the World” or “The Most Fatally Venomous Snakes in the World”, so I think the criticisms leveled in many comments are warranted.

    There is no intro to the article that defines “deadliest”, but there should have been.

    A rifle may be deadlier than a dagger when you hit the right spot, but if I shoot you with a rifle in the foot and stab you in the neck with a dagger 20 times, you may choose the rifle shot.

  134. Its one of the best websites in the world

  135. Well i though the black mamba was more venomous than the boomslang, am shocked.

  136. Surely u have to include the black mamba??!

    Its speed and aggression mixed with neurotoxic venom has to make it the most feared snake in the world!!

  137. ashen samaranayake

    i want 2 knw hu is da most poisonous snake in da world

  138. This list is poor in presentation, and contradictory.
    Writing about this #1, you assert an LD50 of 0.01 which is “ten times” that of Mojave rattler; later, you give an LD50 of 0.4 for the Death Adder: that’s FOURTY times less potent, so why is it included but not the Mojave rattler (of which there is a chilling account of near-death from a mere nip to an owner, on-line)?!

    You need to state the criteria for selection–is is potency per unit of venom (even it the snake lacks sufficient volume to kill–as is implied in the information for the Boomslang (5mg enough to kill, adults have 4-8mg)!?), or potency + volume per bite, hence lethality upon being bitten.
    Several sources claim that the lethality of untreated mamba & taipan bites is about 100%–one cannot be deader than dead.
    (To my surprise, the Bushmaster seems high-rated by this measure, too.)
    “between 1919 and 1962 there were eight serious human envenomations by boomslangs, two of which were fatal.” whoopee: that hardly sounds “most deadly”; and has the coral snake ever killed?!

    Other lists have taken the number of dead as key indicators, and I’ve seen the Saw-scaled viper tops, there. And, contrary one comment above, I thought that some krait racked up a big tally, also (in a country with many many & poor citizens–India).

    I’ve always heard the Fierce snake’s potency qualified as tops for a LAND snake, so am surprised that some sea snake isn’t higher for that.

    Do NOT Pass GO!

  139. Dan l u need to calm down!! This is not a university study or some theses on the subject;0

    General guidelines:)

    Black mamba is definitely missed tho!!!



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  143. You should explain that there is a difference between a “dangerous” snake and a snake with highly toxic venom. The mambas (black & green) are perhaps more dangerous than some of the snakes with the deadliest venom because they can be very aggressive and are extremely quick.

  144. While we’re at it, we could include Henry Kissinger on the list of the worst snakes in the world.

  145. wat a collection of beautiful reptiles, today i read all about these snakes, nd i m thankful to all of u who have contributed their knowledge about these beautiful reptiles

  146. why isn,t the bushmaster included,it is one of the most dangerous and deadliest snakes in south america.any way it,s good to know about the different types of venomous snakes around the world……

  147. wow thats some cool facts! i cant believe the worlds deadliest snakes are in Australia!

  148. Where are the Black Mamba and the Cobra on this list?



  150. being so green at much about snakes,this site definitely spokes curious fire about them.i just had to know more about snakes after seeing one that swam up through the drain into a toilet bowl

  151. List of Deadliest Snakes in the world as per their ranking : –
    1) Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus ), Australia. The most toxic venom of any snake. Maximum yield recorded (for one bite) is 110mg. That would porbably be enough to kill over 100 people or 250,000 mice. These rare snakes are vitually unknown in collections outside of Australia.
    2) Australian Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis ), Australia. One 1/14,000 of an ounce of this vemon is enough to kill a person.
    3) Malayan Krait (Bungarus candidus ), Southeast Asia and Indonesia. 50% of the bites from this snake are fatal even with the use of antivenin treatment.
    4) Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus ), Australia. The venom delivered in a single Taipan bite is enough to kill up to 12,000 guinea pigs.
    5) Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus ), Australia.
    6) Beaked Sea Snake (Enhydrina schistosa ), South Asian waters Arabian Sea to Coral Sea..
    7) Saw Scaled Viper (Echis carinatus ), Middle East Asia.
    8) Coral Snake (Micrurus fulvius ), North America.
    9) Boomslang (Dispholidus typus ), Africa.
    10) Death Adder (Acanthopis antarcticus ), Australia and New Guinea.
    11) Black Mamba, both species of Green Mambas, and the Mojave Rattlesnake.

  152. Black mamba lovers, you need to get over the fact that the Mamba is not as deadly as you think. while they kill kore people due to snake per people population is not a ranking of how many people they kill but how deadly they are to all living creatures and their venom toxin..
    Also Mamba’s dont chase people, they are extremly fast and if you happen to be in line with one then you may think it is chasing you and it will bite you, but people kill more mamba’s and they avoid us as much as possible

  153. The most deadly snake, and the most dangerous snake are two entirely different concepts. Some of the snakes with the most toxic venom, i.e., the most deadly, rarely bite people.

  154. There are many factors that influence the seriousness of a bite.
    The factors include the individual’s health, size, age, and psychological state. The nature of the bite may also vary, like penetration of one or both fangs, amount of venom injected , location of the bite , and proximity to major blood vessels. The health of the snake and the interval since it last used its venom mechanism is also important. These multiple variables make every bite unique. Depending on circumstances, the bite of a “mildly” venomous snake may be life-threatening and that of a “strongly” venomous snake may not.

  155. sorry about the info overload….lol

  156. The Most Dangerous Snakes that kill the most people according to the geographical locations are as given below : –

    In the United States the coral snake has a very toxic venom but has killed few people because it is small, secretive and gentle. The most dangerous are the rattlesnakes like the Eastern and Western Diamondbacks. These rattlesnakes are large, have large venom glands, are relatively common, and are more likely to hold their ground and bite.

    In Africa common Egyptian Cobras, Saw-scaled Vipers, and Puff Adders would be the most dangerous.

    In Asia the common Cobra and the Russell’s Viper are the snakes that kill the most people.

    Although the Asian Cobra and Russell’s Viper probably kill most of the people who die of snake bite annually in the world neither of them are among the most Deadly Snakes.

  157. And still no Black Mamba

    • Interesting comment “Mamba is not as deadly as you think.” So then tell me what your chances of survial would be if you were bitten by a black mamba and had no access to treatment? Also, the saw-scaled viper kills the most people world wide(the russels viper is number 1 in Asia). On your “deadliest list” you lumped 3 snakes together at number 11!!! This is very inacurate. The cape cobra is cosidered to be as toxic as the black mamba which is more toxic the eastern/western green mambas. I agree that every bite is different but just going by LD50 to determine how deadly a snake is to people can be misleading. My favourate example of this is the death adder. Based on clinical studies on snake bites(on people, not mice) untreated bites are 50% fatal. Untreated black mamba bites are 100% fatal!!! No amount of testing venom on mice can compare to the real thing. Hands down the deadliest snakes to people should be the black mamba/costal taipan at number 1. I suspect the inland taipan would be high up there to but no recorded bites resulted in death as treatment was readily available. You are correct that the black mamba is not on the top for LD50(mice) nor does it cause the most fatalities in Africa(the puff adder does) but in the real world if bitten by one without treatment……

  158. Live and learn. I have no wish to visit Australia after viewing this. Awesome though.

  159. the black mamba is the deadliest

  160. its really fascinating… i jus love to watch snakes….

  161. WOW that was so cool

  162. coral snake is very beautiful

  163. Wrong Information in your pictures,
    That’s NOT Boomslang,

    it’s Philothamnus semivariegatus- Spotted Bush Snake

  164. Fantastic! very intereting. The photos make my body benubed.

  165. excellent article!
    missed out king cobra,black mamba and the indian cobra!very pity!

  166. suarly when i was watching these snakes i was in deadline or horrifying mode,it’s realy thrils me, but the ratle-snake….. i miss that one….

  167. I love snake i wish i can see the worlds most biggest anaconda

  168. People, get your facts straight! Steve was awesome, but he didn’t know everything. The Black Mamba is the most deadly AND has the most toxic venom. I have worked with Venomous snakes all my life and from my studies, 100mg of Black Mamba venom can kill 250 people, 100mg of Inland Taipan venom can kill 170 humans, 100mg of Russell’s Viper venom can kill 150 humans, 100mg of Indian Krait venom can kill 60 humans, and 100mg of common forest cobra venom can kill 50 or less people. Mambas have longer fangs, more powerful venom and inject more then Inland Taipans. If you want more proof, check out the book of world records 2009. I did the research for the deadliest snake article. Mamba killing time is usually 10-40 minutes, but has been recorded at less than 5 minutes. Mambas are also the fastest and most agressive snakes. They travel up yo 13 mph and DO chase humans. They grow between 14 and 16 feet and strike at 5 meters per second. For those King Cobra enthusiasts, they can inject 500mg+ per bite and have killed elephants in under 3 hours. I hope this helps. Please respond, I will read them all and try to answer any questions or respond to messages. Please no irate messages, I won’t respond to those. Thanks

  169. Hey guys i dont know a thing about these Inland Taipans, the Russell’s Vipers or the Indian Kraits and i do respect them. Bt i knw the black mamba. That sepant is bad news at one time that snake bit two adult cows in a commotion near a water hole one of the cows died the same day, the other one was dead in the pan the following morning.

  170. Another thing about black mambas is that they are so long, when they stand fully erect, there heads may be 2 meters (6 1/2 feet) off the ground. They are one of only two snakes that can do that and have bitten humans in the face. The other is the King Cobra.

  171. I love snakes, but I love mamba better.

  172. i think that snakes are cool when i am not getting chased by them. that is really it

  173. This is really cool

  174. people say i’m strange because i like snakes so much. but when they say that i ask them if they know what a black mamba is and of course they say no.

  175. i like snakes….bcoz of their enthusias in sex…

  176. In India snakes are worshiped.They deserve to be worshiped.According to our VEDAS if you have any problem with snakes ,come to INDIA,come to me ,I will take you to the GOD of snakes and after that snake will never harm you.

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  178. I’m a student and I have been taught that websites that have spelling errors in simple words should not be trusted. Learn how to spell probably. I agree that the Black Mamba should be on the list as well.

  179. I agree with you Hudson Lewin, the Black Mamba should be on the list. But those of you who say the Boomslang, though it does have highly toxic venom, it barely injects any and is extremely reluctant to strike.

  180. MattyDee needs to get over himself and learn a thing or two

  181. black mamba is definitely in the top ten deadliest snakes. get ur facts right.

  182. I had to live for 3 years in the Central America rain forest.As some of my companions, we had many encounters with different kind of nakes. One ime while sleeping shirtless, a green,slim and about 6-7 feet long snake fell from a tin roof on my chest, but as I jumped from my sack it did slip away. Another time while cutting our waythru the jungle a little (3 feet aprox)slim snake,with color bands in yellow,red,black bit the front guy in the face,the guy started bleeding out from every porous in his upper body,when bleeding stopped his skin
    turned dark and his body got stiff,he coiled his
    body like a baby whilie taken him to a Hospital.
    It took us all together around 4 hours to get him
    to the nearest Hospital. The guy survived the bite. It showed us to spect the unspected, not
    to understimate this dangers and to kill any snake in our way.

  183. Apostolos Stingas

    Excellent Article !!!!
    Go ahead !!

  184. Love the reading. I have always loved snakes mean or gentle. They do such a great job cleaning up the rodents. They are so important and I have always respected and feared those that are meant to be . Like anything wild they are so unpredictable. I have been bitten before but I hold no hatred. Only god could have created such a Beautiful creature as they are mentioned so much in the bible for a scare tactic. The other reader stated “Kill any snake in our way”. So typical of ignorance.

  185. Based on my studies, I have made a list of the REAL top 10 most deadly snakes.
    1) Black Mamba
    2) Inland Taipan
    3) King Cobra
    4) Tiger Snake
    5) Boomslang
    6) Beaked Sea Snake
    7) Indian Krait
    8) Green Mamba
    9) Russell’s Viper
    10) Saw-Scaled Viper

  186. Let me make this clear one more time for any who still have doubts about what I am saying. The Black Mamba has the most potent venom of any snake (even the inland taipan and sea snakes), it injects more than most other snakes (including the inland taipan), and is the most aggressive snake. It is very willing to strike and DOES CHASE HUMANS. The inland Taipan is NOTHING compared to it.

  187. nama saya zal

    takut bgt dgn ular

  188. jerry hartley

    what is the name of the snake that has a yellow stripe on either side of it’s body,thank you.This snake is around the Reading,Pa. area

  189. those were some awsome snakes we like em

  190. please add blackmamba , indian cobra,eziptian black kobra

  191. The mamba’s venom turns out to be more toxic than we initially thought. If the venom gets directly to a vein, the estimated LD50 is 0.25mg to kill an adult human. The Inland Taipan is quite deadly, but a human LD50 of 0.49mg requires more venom than the mamba’s human LD50 of 0.37mg. I find Bert and Hubert to be really immature and ignorant. To say you want to kill all snakes in your way is very low. I am glad Joe shares these same thoughts.

    • I’m with you and Joe. People who want to kill all snakes in their way are not only ignorant but really stupid. You dumb asses are more likely to get bitten by a snake trying to kill it than just giving it space and leaving it alone. Excuse my language but they really are fucking assholes.

  192. Its about time the discussion gets silenced with the fact that the BLACK MAMBA is the most feared, most agressive and most revered snake for its speed and all round dangerous criteria…

    Tho there might be some slighly more toxic in terms of poison such as tiger sanke and boomslang, the Black Mamba is…the ultimate…of deadly snakes!!!



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  194. i read some where that Hydrophis Belcheri is world’s most venomous snake even more venomous than inland taipan.

  195. Hydrophis Belcheri is more venomous than BLACK MAMBA

  196. no doubt that black mamba is most feared bcos its aggressive and can speed up to 18kmph…its world’s fastest snake…but the toxicity of Hydrophis Belcheri’s venom is more than any other snake in the world

  197. Sidharth, you are sooo wrong! There is not one snake on land or underwater or anywhere else in the world with a more toxic venom than the Black Mamba!

  198. I truly think the brown snake should have been number one instead of number two. they are very deadly and aggresive. they don’t hide they will come after you from yards like and assaian or something..they can kill an elephant if they wanted to.

    • The brown snake can kill an elephant? What facts are there to back this up? I had no idea elephants were running around in Australia. With the eastern brown snakes small fangs and venom glands(average venom yield 4mg) I doubt an elephant would have to worry.

  199. black mamba is the deadliest doubt.but it is not most venomous.

  200. Were you not listening Sidharth? The Black Mamba is the most deadly and most venomous. No snake has a more toxic venom. Not an Inland Taipan or any type of Sea Snake. 0.25mg of its venom is enough to kill 1 healthy adult human being. It can inject up to 400mg, making it capable of killing 1600 healthy adult human beings.

  201. are there any deadley snakes that are red and black in southe carolina!!!!!!!!!! thanks… rose…

  202. People seem to have difficulty in realizing there is the inland taipan and its larger relative, the taipan. I think the writer who believes the black mamba is number 1 at everything, flies in the face of recognised experts world wise. The experts state the inland taipan is the world’s most venemous land snake. Its larger relaitive, the taipan [officially recognised as the 3rd longed venemos snake in the world], has the logest fangs of any elapid in the world [including the king cobra and the black mamba]! It is always placed higher on venemous snake listings that have been compiled by recognised snake professionals and academics, [usually about 3rd], and I have never seen the black mamba listed in the top 10 of any reputable listing anywhere in the world! The inland taipan is fairly friendly and often it is a chore to get it to strike! However its larger relative, the taipan will 100% of the time retreat at distance and avoid a confrontation. However, if you enter into what it considers ‘its zone’, it is 100% guaranteed to attack ferociously making loud hooping sounds at it attacks at full speed and throws its whole body against the victim, inflicing multiple strikes. This snake is all retreat at distance or all attack upon entering its zone [with no middle mentality]. Many people think the most dangerous snake in the world is that which kills the most people. But Australia is sparsely populated with a high standard of living, eduacation and medical facilities. Additionally, here most people that wander about the bush have an intricate knowledge of how to fallstall the circulation of snake venom or wear protective clothing or both. I always imagine a circumstance of being in a room 4 metres x 4 metres and which snake I would least like to be in the room with! A taipan would attack with absolute certainty in minimal time! I am not aware of any other snake in the world that would do this while having the fangs and the venom potency that the acknowledged experts give this snake. The black mamba is nevertheless a marvelous snake and I certainly would not underestimate it! However, I have read accounts of people who have had close encounters with the black mamba and they have sometimes not been bitten! I recall one person [an expert who collected reptiles in Africa for research and museums], stating he was in a position whereby he could not move [he was up a tree]. He opened his legs as best he could because a blck mamba was coming in the opposite direction. He perhaps was lucky in not being bitten! But a taipan would never tolerate such a close encounter and it would have launched its attack much earlier without fail whatsoever [Nb taipans are not found in trees and the close encounter would be at ground level].
    With all the talk about venemous snakes, in Oz we have a remarkabale snake called the King brown [although part of the black snake family]. It is called a king snake because it hunts other venemous snakes. This snake is also dangerous to humans [ususally placed about 12th in the world or thereabouts]. But its venom is the most toxic to any other snake [in the world]. It is also immune to elapid venom, and is the strongest and most athletic Australian snake. It easily kills australian snakes [which are mostly elapids] as are many overseas snakes such as the king cobra and the black mamba]

  203. Tim, I think you should read the 2009 book of world records. I WROTE THE ARTICLE. I have been a professional snake handler for 23 years. I have never seen a snake with a more toxic venom than the Black Mamba. I am an independent herpetologist, and sometimes travel to schools to do snake presentations. I am sometimes asked if I know about the LD50 of snake venom. I am very familiar with this, and have done hundreds of tests with both the Black Mamba and the Inland Taipan. The black mamba has always come out on top, with an estimated human LD50 of 0.37mg. The Inland Taipan has always had a slightly lower LD50 at 0.49mg. They both are extremely venomous, and should be considered dangerous. You also stated that the Taipan had the longest fangs of any elapid? I have yet to see a Taipan with fangs over one inch long. Also, you said the Inland Taipan was FRIENDLY??? They are very resistant to strike and would rather escape, but that does not make them friendly! Also, the Black Mamba has been known to chase humans. This is not just based on reports I have heard from African natives. I have had several close encounters with wild Mambas, and have been followed twice. I was once bitten and had to go to stay at a hospital for 3 weeks. For the first weak, I was suffering from paralysis, and was in a coma for about 4 days. Even now, 14 years after my accident, I don’t ever forget that terrifying experience. I will be happy to answer any questions you post.

  204. I thank the previous [unnamed writer] for his opinions and his interest in snakes. I reiterate what I expressed previously [admitedly poorly], that you cannot lump the taipan and the inland taipan together as if they were one and the same snake. Although both are extremely venemous, the characteristics of each are poles apart. For some time I have had the opinion that the inland taipan wou;ld make a good pet [if it were not so venemous]. I have never witnessed one to be aggressive…inquisitive yes! However the taipan itself is widely recognised as the most aggressive venemous snake [if you enter its zone]. The other thing I attempted to explain is that there are actual recorded instances where individuals have had close encounters with a balck mamba and have not been bitten. On a percentage basis, I have no idea what the liklihood of being bitten would be! But the fact is that is does happen even if it is rare! In my lifetime, I have never witnessed or read [I am 63 years of age], of a single instance of any body encountering a taipan and it just slithered by! Similarly, I am not aware of a single instance of anyone accidently stepping on a taipan. They always disappear if possible, but if unable to retreat, they always mount their attack before either situation occurs. I reiterate, I am not aware of anybody getting close to a taipan without being aggressively attacked! The level of aggression has general recognition as being unsurpassed by any other venemous snake! The taipan is more closely related to the PNG taipan [off the north coast of Australia], which although smaller is similarly recognised as being just as agrressive. Also, the taipan [which is a more distant relative to the inland tapan], cannot have the size of its fangs compared! The statement I made about the taipan’s fangs has to my knowledge, universal acceptance and the statement appears in many recognised and authenticated publications over a long period of time! The othe subject raised was that of respective venoms. Well you have your opinion and you are entitled to it! The fact is that [notwithstanding your opinion]. both taipans rank above the black mamba in the majority of reputable listigs on the subject. On this subject, I can only be advised by academics who have previously studied these matters and have medical research experience. Also venom as a subject has many tangible factors not mentioned by Yoy.For example the chemical composition and that which it targets. In my view, one really needs to be a scientist to properly assess all the relevancies of respective venoms and I would suggest this total data forms the data upon which repsective potencies can be compared. I assume this is why the overall listings of reputable organisations place the taipan potency above that of the black mamba.
    In conclusion, the black mamba is lucky their are no king browns in africa. They would kill a balck mamba as quickly as they do a taipan!

  205. Tim, I do agree with you that many people often group both the Taipan and the Inland Taipan together and don’t stop to think if they are two different species. I however disagree with you when you say that the mamba is lucky there are no king browns in Africa. First of all, I would like to point out that the king brown lives in Australia, which is a continent that has a much higher annual rainfall than Africa. I would not want to take a king brown to Africa to see if it would survive the dry season because the last thing the natives need is another deadly snake to deal with. However, if the brown found it’s way to Africa, I am betting it would die of dehydration. Another reason I disagree is because I doubt the Brown could catch the Mamba. I mean, come on! Who can catch a snake that slithers 13mph (20kph)? Also, the Mamba is partially immune to elapid venom, and would most likely not die from a bite from the King Brown. The black mamba has a reputation it deserves, and no other snake can match it. Sure the King Brown, Taipan, Inland Taipan, Indian Krait and other snakes are extremely deadly, but they do not compare with the Black Mamba.

    • you clearly are a moron saying that a king brown would not survive the heat..Australia is the driest continent in the world and it lives in forested areas as well as the desert..Come visit Australia mate and ill personally take you camping in our bush..Then you will realise that we have creepy crawlies you wont like.Im assuming you are American as you know little else about the rest of the world..Im a shooters and have been chased on half a dozen occasions by tiger snakes and not once were the snakes cornered..Of the 185 snakes worldwide that can kill a person if left untreated 120 roughly are from australia..suck on those facts

  206. The mamba also has a reputation for eating other snakes. I was once studying them in Africa, and saw one eating a full grown forest cobra!

  207. good collection. but what about scales and their arrangements, identification etc……

  208. My question for Tim and “Black Mamba Wins” (unnamed writer) is are we talking about 1) the top ten most deadliest 2) the top ten most venomous ? If we are talking deadliest then surely The Inland Taipan is certainly not number one. If we are talking venomous then perhaps we need to see some scientific / academic evidence as you Tim have pointed out. Perhaps this data could be added on the site or in the posts so we can compare the LD50. I also noted that many lists contain the 10 species you have listed but many lists also contain the Black Mamba, several of these being official academic listings.

  209. I also wish to add the following as a comment in the words of Brandon Cornett:

    The reason there is so much dispute over the most venomous snakes in the world is because people judge them by different criteria, and this inevitably leads to arguments.

    For example, some people build their lists of the most venomous snakes by using the LD50 test.
    Other people create lists of the most venomous snakes in the world by considering the venom yield, meaning the amount of venom the snake can produce with a given bite.

    Thus, you can probably find dozens of lists that claim to contain the “Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes” in the world, and many of these lists will conflict with each other.

    Another important point regarding venomous snakes. Many people create lists of what they claim are the “most dangerous” snakes in the world, and they will simply list ten of the most venomous snake as ranked by the LD50 tests mentioned above.

    But there is a big difference between a highly venomous snake and a highly dangerous snake. Many snakes that are high on the venom charts are shy and reclusive, and therefore account for very few human fatalities. How could you put such snakes on a list of the world’s most dangerous snakes?

    On the flip side of that coin, there are certain venomous snakes that, while they do not rank in the top-ten most venomous, still account for a large number of human fatalities each year. This might be because that particular snake is found in highly populated areas far from medical care, that the snake is comparatively more aggressive toward humans, or a combination of these factors.

    So the point is, one cannot make a list of the most venomous snakes in the world and refer to them as the “most dangerous” snakes … nor the opposite. They are two separate things, and they need to be treated as such.

    Just something to contemplate gents!

  210. Thank you for your opinion Alun. I agree that Dangerous and Venomous are two entirely different catagories. As I have pointed out in earlier postings, the black mamba has a human LD50 of 0.37mg, while the Inland Taipan has a human LD50 of 0.49mg. These are not just from what I have read, but these are from the hundreds of LD50 tests I have done myself. The Black Mamba has the most toxic venom of any snake I have ever seen on land or in the water. Also, because it lives in some densely populated areas, it causes a lot of fatalities. It is (in my opinion) the most dangerous snake in the world because of its potentially very high venom yield (400mg), it’s high venom potency, its willingness to strike, and its agression. As I stated earlier, I is the only snake that I know of that WILL chase humans. This agression combined with LOTS of deadly venom (not to mention the longest fangs in the elapid world) make it the most feared, and most potentially dangerous snake in the world. This is my opinion based on my studies and experiences.

  211. Black Mamba Wins:

    re: “First of all, I would like to point out that the king brown lives in Australia, which is a continent that has a much higher annual rainfall than Africa.”

    I would just like to point out (from wikipedia, true, but still this is what is taught to all australian school children): “Compared to the Earth’s other continental landmasses Australia is very dry. More than 80 percent of the continent has an annual rainfall of less than 600 millimetres; only Antarctica receives less rainfall than Australia.”

    So I don’t think the dryness of Africa would be any problem whatsoever. In reality it would probably be wetter than the King Brown is used to…

  212. Not true Steve. Considering that much of africa is covered by desert, it is a very dry continent. In fact, I has received the world record for driest continent for many many years. And the annual rainfall is only one of the factors I pointed out. The King Brown couldn’t catch the Black Mamba, and couldn’t kill it. The mamba is immune to elapid venom, otherwise it could not kill forest cobras.

  213. Black Mamba FAILS
    “the most deadliest land snake”


  214. The Black Mamba causes far more deaths than the Inland Taipan due to many reasons. Though thats not to say that its any less deadlier than the Inland Taipan. The Inland taipan delivers less venom however because it is far more potent than the Black Mamba’s, kills just as (if not more) efficiently.

    Baring in mind that the two snakes are in extremely different environments and behave differently, the kill ratio will vary dramatically.
    The Inland Taipan is located in central australia (the most arid part Australia – located far from the general human population), this snake is rather shy in behaviour, preferring to hide and flee rather than fight when in contact with humans.

    The Black Mamba is dispersed throughout Africa and has much contact with human, they are extremely aggressive and territorial and have been known to “chase” humans and animals at up to 12mph, they are also in far greater abundance than the Inland Taipan.

    I believe the definition for “deadliest” in this context is that “if bitten, the snake most likely to kill the occupant” as it cannot mean “most poisonous” (as the most poisonous snake is Hydrophis belcheri commonly know as the “Faint-Banded Sea Snake”) and cannot mean “the most deaths caused” (the pit-viper causes most deaths worldwide than any other snake — around 2000 deaths are recorded yearly due to this snake).

  215. The article on the climate of Australia in The Encyclopedia of Climatology gives the following facts:

    -50% of land receives less than 300 mm/year of precipitation
    -80% receives less than 600 mm/yr
    -Over 75%, the potential evaporation is greater than 2500 mm/yr
    -In central Australia the evaporation potential is around 4500 mm/yr, 20 times the actual annual rainfall

    Australia is the DRIEST uninhabited continent in the world.

  216. Wikipedia can be edited by ANYONE, and if you do the math from the information given there, the Inland Taipan can kill LESS THAN 2 PEOPLE! Also, I HAVE DONE HUNDREDS OF LD50 TESTS with BOTH black mambas AND inland taipans. The mamba always has a far more toxic venom, and delivers way more. It also has far longer fangs than the inland taipan, so it delivers venom more deeply, making it more dangerous. The definition for “deadliest” is what causes the most deaths. Since the inland Taipan has NEVER killed someone, it is not considered the deadliest.

  217. way to go black mamba wins….
    black mamba is surely the most venemous snake in the universe

  218. “The deadliest”, the most venomous, the most aggresive, the most common to bite, the probability of a bite delivering enough venom to kill… it is all conjecture..
    It just depends on too many factors to say that their is a “top 10 list”..
    I had that jerk Doctor from “Venom ER” at Linda Loma University Hospital tell me that a Brown Recluse Spider “Never Killed Anybody”,,, yert if you research the web there are plenty of Coroners who have documented deaths to the credit of this very common spider. Ironically the medical community does not have an anti venom for it, and all they do is administer antibiotics (which never work), and then cut out the infested area after it necrotizes to a scary proportion. After which it takes at least 6-8 weeks to heal, (often skin grafts are necessary), due to the inept treatment and the size the wound spreads to.
    If one immediately ( within 2-3 days), lances the wound and applys antibiotic cream mixed with sterilized activated carbon(charcoal powder), then soak the wound in a rich and very hot solution of epsom salts (elemental magneseum) inbetween re-applications of the antibiotic cream and charcoal… it will heal completely within several days.
    The antibiotic paste does nothing for the venom but will help to keep the open wound from becoming further infected when repeatedly re-lancing the wound and applying the charcoal and antibiotic paste. The epsom salts help to draw out the venom and the heat will help to coagulate the protein in its constitution. The most important thing is that the Brown Recluse Venom has an extremely high affinity for activated carbon, thus the charcoal powder draws it out miraculously..
    Activated charcoal capsules, available over the counter can reduce the chance of this venom causing recuring problems as well , as once bitten it never leaves your system entirely and can attack the bodies bone marrow or organs months or years later.
    It is a good idea to take a carbon pill daily for a month or two after being bitten as extra insurance.
    Another thing that a doctor who does have a lot of experience with recluse bites suggested is to take Nitroglicerine in small doses to increase oxygen and blood flow to the wound when it is healing, to help speed the healing.
    I would hold off on that for a couple days though to give the carbon a chance to suck out all the venom before increasing blood flow to the wound and therefore the spread of this venom to other parts of the body, since it can linger for so long before causing future problems.

  219. this is the best

  220. I think this list contains the 10 snakes which have the most toxic venom. But The name “deadliest” given here has been misunderstood. The taipan has the most toxic venom but is a very shy snake. So there are not many human casualities. Therefore it is not the deadliest but the one with the most dangerous venom for any snake in the world.

  221. Hey ccdiver, we are talking about snakes here, not spiders. And for those who still don’t get it, the Inland Taipan does NOT have the most toxic venom. The Black Mamba DOES. This is a fact, not my own opinion.

  222. Thank you james, for agreeing with me. It seems like you are the only one who does.

  223. I agree that black mamba is the most dangerous snake,

    following are the features of black mamba that make it most dangerous:

    1. Speed & agility
    2. Ability to raise its head 6 feet above ground
    3. Venom
    4. Fierceness & multiples bites
    5. chasing humans
    6. Frequency of Human Encounters

    That all combines to make it the most Deadliest!!!

  224. hiii me wanting some adventure tripe to learn more about snakes dynast so any exert plz mail me, I always see discovary channel to see some beautifull snakes & i love then plz i realy keen to look forword plz contace me thank u

  225. it is a verygood site to find out the most deadliest snakes in the world.
    the photos of the snakes are awesome exacly……………….
    i loved it

  226. Manu kattappana

    it is very very important facts for a person like me who are really loving snakes………..

  227. Hey Black Mamba Wins,
    I know I’m coming a bit late to this discussion, but if you wrote the article for the Guinness Book of records, then surely you have a number of references to back up your assertions about the Black Mamba? I know I’d be interested to read the sources you used to construct the article, as well as, I don’t know, the journal articles, or links that all the universities have made to your results, or hell even the mention on the Wikipedia page. I mean these are findings that are challenging long held beliefs of the herpetological community regarding how venomous snakes are. Yet all I’ve seen regarding this is your repeated mentions of the Guinness World records, and everything else I’ve ever read contradicts you. So you’ll forgive me for being slightly skeptical of your ‘results’.

  228. one of the snakes looked so cool it had oragne and yellow and black

  229. Em, I was waiting for someone to question me about this. Unfortunately, as an employee for Guinness book of world records, we are not allowed to give out any info about contacts, records, research, fields, etc. All I can tell you is that myself and a team of 12 other herpetologists did the reasearch, came up with the same result, and published it in the 2009 Book of World Records. I’m sorry if this is of no help, but this is all I can tell you. I will be happy to answer any other questions (if possible).

  230. I think people sometimes confuse most deadly with most toxic, this list was no doubt based on toxicicity, which is interesting in itself. The mamba debate / comments would be more appropriate in reference to a most deadly list, which in my mind the taipan (Oxyuranus Scutellatus) would top my list, and the Black Mamba (Dendroaspis Polylepis) would not be too far down on such a list.

  231. the ranking is for deadlist venom, not most venom, or most people killed
    test is completed by taking say 1 ounce of venom from many snakes and comparing them ounce for ounce for what they are – the mamba is a very large snake compared to most of the list and delivers more venom then most in a bit but ounce for ounce compared to the others – it did not make the list

  232. Lots and lots of “points and counterpoints”, which leads me to believe that interpretation of the question determines the answer. So my question and point is to have a list of the top 3 snakes most likely to bite me and kill me.

  233. kill’em all …

  234. The most dangerous snake in the world is the one you are messing with! Many TV clowns have given people the impression you can just go and pick one up! Most people have no ability to identify one snake from another. The rule is, if you see one ,leave it alone if is not in a place where it can hurt someone. It has a job to do and wants nothing to do with you, Just go on your way.

  235. How immature can you get bigdick? First you have a retarted screen name, and then you say “Kill’em all”? you are undoubtedly a very immature person who has no love for animals. You clearly have no respect or appreciation for the wonderful animals god put here on this earth.

    You make me SICK!

  236. these creatures really suck!
    i mean they ar so damn scary!!congrats rangers u really doing gud jobs1

  237. i really appreciate steve for this informative site.i dont want to make any controversy,but i am snake lover,and many time i saw many programs in many tv channels but the ranking differs,i personally think the criterias to measure is different,i think they should mention the criterias on which they are deciding the ranks.being a snake lover,i am thnkful to steve for many information,his ranking is very close with others.i also saw many good duscussion in this site.

  238. Black Mamba Wins, the simple fact that you fail to even recognise that Australia is the driest inhabited continent shows you lack any scientific process or acknowledgment of existing research, let alone any common knowledge.

  239. Appachan Ozhakkal

    Same like human beings, snakes also have rights to live in the earth.Please don’t kill them.

  240. To clarify about the driest continent comment, Aswan, a city in Egypt is the worlds driest inhabited place and it is located in Africa. The worlds largest and driest desert, the Sahara, is located in Africa. Djibouti, a small African country is the worlds hottest and driest country. I apologize for the confusion I may have caused by saying Africa was the driest continent. I should have more clearly stated that the worlds hottest and driest places are located in Africa. But I still stick with my original statement that the King Brown would probably not survive as well as the Black Mamba in these places. And yes: the black mamba does live in every single one of the places that I have mentioned. And just to point out, the King Brown has been seen on the Australian island of New Guinea, which is the 5th wettest place in the world with an average annual rainfall of 182 inches.

  241. I agree with all those who believe the Black Mamba is the deadliest snake. It has, as Black Mamba Wins shared, the most toxic venom of ANY snake, and injects lots through fangs that are considered the longest of ALL elapids.

    Don’t want to change the subject, but What do you people think about the Chevrolet Corvette? I say Corvette ZR1 RULES! Once again sorry to change subject, but I really want to know peoples opinions on them.


  242. I let most of these snakes bite me for fun. What a RUSH

  243. Helloo youu have give me so much information on this for my homework lol.

    Many Thanks,
    Chloe Nelson

  244. Corvette Lover –

    If you are interested on peoples opinions on corvettes, you might want to check out a ‘corvette’ forum, not a discussion on snakes.

    Just a thought.

  245. You guys who are fans of Steve Irwin should check out this article:

    The article, “Steve Irwin Was a Big Fat Liar” states that Steve was a complete fraud and that Australian snakes aren’t dangerous.

  246. i loved steve but that sting ray i will cutbit up and burn it haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  247. Yes it is true that Steve left off some information, but that does not make him a liar. It is possible, however, unlikely that Steve didn’t know that the LD50 test was for mice only. He also may not have known that Honey Bees killed more people than any other animal in Australia. My point is, just because he left out a little bit of information does not make him a “big fat liar”. However, as I have stated in previous posts, the Inland Taipan (Fierce snake) is not as venomous or as dangerous as the Black Mamba. Steve was awesome, but he didn’t know everything.

  248. Re: Black Mamba Wins.

    I would like to know why Austin Stevens never had a Coastal Taipan in his cage or the other fellow that got bitten on the toe by a Death Adder while moving away …..a “Black Mamba”. A Coastal Taipan will “Always” attack when confronted with a threat in a confined space as that is their natural response when confronted with a circumstance like this with no avenue of retreat. These two people whose endeavours where motivated by charity would never have a snake of the Coastal Taipan’s nature in the cage as it will attack every time!

  249. By the way that is no reflection on you or your appreciation and respect of the Black Mamba which is indeed a very formidable creature by anyone’s calculations!

  250. Haydn Lange, the coastal taipan does not ALWAYS attack when confronted. It is very aggressive, but not as much as the black mamba. The black mamba actually will CHASE people that cross it, not just attack. And you say I don’t respect the black mamba? Why would I study something if I don’t love or respect it? And no one else says anything about their respect for snakes, they just say which they think is deadliest and why. And you also have obviously not seen some of my previous comments. I have said that it is immature when people say things like “kill em all”, “kill all snakes in our way” and other things like this. I also have said that these people obviously have no love for the wonderful creations God put on earth. If you still don’t know if I like or respect snakes, including the Black Mamba, well I do, so that should answer your question. You don’t have to announce you like or respect something to make it true. And just to point out, you have not said whether or not you respect snakes at all, you just criticized me.

    P.S. I believe that the reason Austin Stevens never had a coastal taipan in a cage is because he only studies African snakes. As for the guy backing away from the death adder, I have no idea who you are talking about.

  251. Black Mamba Wins, I have just read your reply and woud just like to say that you have misunderstood my comments. I am not having a go at you or your liking of snakes or anything in general; I think by the number of your responses on this site clearly indicates your passion for snakes , particularly the “Black Mamba”. However I find it hard to fathom why all the sites I read about just about come up with the same conclusion that the “Inland Taipan” is the world’s most “TOXIC” snake! Are they all wrong???

    My initial comment about the guys in the snake hut trying to break the record was based on the type of snakes they had in their with them. Johannes Swart was the guy that just recently lost a toe trying to break the record and he was trying to brush away a Black Mamba but was bitten in the process by a Death Adder which was just behind the Mamba.

    As for my own experiences living in the southern part of Australia, we mainly experience Brown Snakes and Tigers which contribute to the most attacks because of their proximity to people. However, these 2 snakes live prodominately in the country areas and most people may not like them but respect them . The Inland Taipan is the most Toxic, but not very aggressive; being bitten by one of these follows is as likely as being hit by a golf ball trying to by some friut at your local market.

    However the Coastal Taipan is very aggressive in a cornered position but will retreat if there is an avenue to do so. If cornered, it will curl up into an S position and will strike if it’s perceived threat doesn’t vacate the premises.

    This snake is perhaps the closest to your beloved “Black Mamba” as it is very aggressive but probably as well misunderstood. It has been documented that many Australian Snake Handlers have found the “Coastal Taipan” to be very amiable after a period of handling.

    From what I have read “The Black Mamba” has also got some good wraps from people who are in the know with snakes in Africa.

    In general, I think snakes are fine; they have a definitive purpose in our ecosystem and their overall threat to people in a relative sense is minimal!

    • I’m pretty sure J. Swart was bitten by a Puff Adder not a Death Adder.

    • I double checked. He was bitten by a Puff Adder not a Death Adder. No suprise there Puff Adders strike at anything that come close to them. I’m not surprised that he lost a toe either. Puff Adder bites are horrendously cytotoxic. The tissue destruction these guys can cause is immense.

  252. Thank you for your clarification. What I still don’t understand is the comment about Hohannes Swart. How does that relate to the Black Mamba/Inland Taipan rivalry for most toxic snake? 2nd thing is that you said the Coastal Taipan will strike if the perceived threat doesn’t vacate the the premises. Correct. But it will not chase the threat, or, as Tim said in previous posts, attack the victim 100% of the time. It either tries to escape, like most snakes do at first, or it will stop if it can’t escape, and attack if the threat continues to come closer. It does not go after the threat if no escape can be found. It stands its ground and attacks ONLY if the threat continues to approach. And lastly, the Inland Taipan. This is one subject that gets quite annoying because I need to keep explaining why the Inland Taipan is not the most toxic. Most people who love snakes are familiar with the LD50 (Lethal Dose 50). This means that 50% of the animals that a certain amount of venom is injected into will die. This test is most commonly done on mice. The Inland Taipan’s LD50 for mice is 0.04mg of venom. The Black Mamba’s LD50 for mice is 0.06mg of venom. Inland Taipan venom IS more deadly to mice than black mamba venom. However, most people don’t know that the mouse LD50 is different than the human LD50. For the Inland Taipan, the human LD50 is 0.49mg. The Black Mamba’s LD50 for humans is 0.37mg. The Black Mamba’s venom is more toxic to humans than the Inland Taipan’s venom. I know this because I have preformed this test. Using nerves from a cedaver (both the Inland Taipan and Black Mamba have primarily neurotoxic venom), it is possible to measure the nerve destruction and estimate the human LD50 (we would never test this on actual humans). Also, based on the amount of venom needed to kill a Chimpanzee ( chimp DNA and human DNA are 99% identical) we can estimate the human LD50. I hope this answers your questions.

  253. madison miller (snake lover)

    OMG, where’s the Cobra!!!! The spitting cobra or the king cobra!!!! I have ta agree with some people, where’s the mamba. O well, at least the Inland taipan is rite. that snake is a badass snake

  254. To all my fellow snake lovers, i would love to see one of those street performers charming a black mamba. From that day on i will have so much respect for these guys. For i will know for certain that they know how to take care of snakes.

  255. naim khan pathan

    the photos of snakes are very dangers im scared to watch such photos. its very nice to see the photos.

  256. Q :Witch snake has the highest human kill rate world wide ?
    Q :Witch snake has the highest toxic vemon per mg ?
    As there is to much conflicking info on the argument ( black mamba- taipan) and to many other factors , i would guess that one of the highest human populated countries would more than likey have the most humans killed by a particular snake in any case it may be a snake raked number 6 on the deadliest list that has this title , so its pretty easy for the snake experts out there come with the simple numbers of humans killed, and by what snake , then you would have the most deadliest snake , not really interested in what snake is the most aggresive , the longest fangs etc just witch snake has killed the most people for what ever reason it may be .
    we may get a suprise as i know the taipan would not come close as there is a very low population of humans around its inviroment , but we know the taipan has a very toxic venom , but that doesnt make it the highest HUMAN KILLER lets find this info so we know witch is the deadliest snake per human deaths!

  257. that was totally impressive

  258. To those questioning the ‘Black Mamba’ not being o n the list: The list is of the most ‘Venemous’ not the most dangerous.

  259. Sorry Kevin, but I have to disagree with you there. The list clearly says “Deadliest”, not “Venomous”. And even if it was a list of the most venomous, the black mamba should still be number one. If you don’t believe me, see some of my previous posts to see why. I really don’t want to have to explain it again.

  260. Wow. I didn’t expect to find a site quite like this when I decided to research the current snake species recognized as the top ten for most toxic venom. When I first read the list, it seemed, and still seems, very plausible, in that it corresponds to previous statements and explanations that I have heard as to which species were potentially the most toxic. Then I started to read the threads. I was not hooked. I then skipped to the end and caught part of an argument, so I scrolled back up to where I left off and read the rest. After reading all of the submissions, I have concluded what I believe any logical person, especially a logical person with any higher education in biology would, in that there are many opinions, both with and without any credibility. Opinions, even opinions based upon certain studies and personal observation/experience with the animals do not need to be presented as “evidence of the true nature of the way the world really is.” Black Mamba Wins has presented credible evidence for his argument based on what seems to be an extensive study. Tim has presented seemingly credible evidence to support his arguments. However, no amount of experience, experimentation, or (and especially) argumentation can hope to reach a conclusion about the Truth (with a capital T). Studies and observation can only serve to enlighten us with certain information about how the world works/worked at that particular time. Even published scientific studies (I read a LOT of them, as I am a graduate student currently striving to earn a MS in Population and Conservation Biology), while VERY credible, do not necessarily tell us the Truth. One study can yield certain results, and the same scientists can perform the same study only to obtain different results. One thing that gives studies an order of magnitude more credibility is repeatability. If a group of scientists can obtain the same results consistently, and if others can perform the experiment and obtain the same results, then the theory is definitely sound, but still does not prove anything 100%. So far, the best argument I have heard on the matter (although I would tend to not agree, based only on what I have previously heard) is from Black Mamba Wins. He claims to have done the studies himself, and that he has results to support his arguments. However, since he can not provide us with a publication/raw data other than the Guiness Book of World Records (2009), we have no reason to believe him. And, it is important to note, that if he HAD presented us with a scientific paper that was written by 12 or so herpetologists/chemists/biochemists/medical doctors that are known to produce the greatest research in their fields, we still would not KNOW the true answer to this question. We would only have valuable evidence to help us to better understand the possible nature of the Truth. There are also many factors that can potentially make interpreting such studies ambiguous. For instance, every inland taipan will not have the same LD50. Nor will every black mamba. Nor will every canebrake rattlesnake. Furthermore, the same black mamba would not have venom of the same LD50 if sampled at different times throughout its life. The potency of venom can be slightly different based on many environmental factors. Snakes produce their own venom, so it would be ignorant to think that the condition of the animal at the time of sampling has nothing to do with its potency. Also, it is ignorant to think that all black mambas or all taipans (inland or not) will have venom of the same potency. It is also very ignorant to argue so passionately about the true nature of this topic. I tend to believe scientific theories that have proven themselves repeatedly, but I only believe them 95%, if that much. If evidence is gathered to refute previous studies of theories that have previously had a dogmatic following, it is the duty of those concerned to backtrack and re-visit the matter to try and gain more insight.

    So, the point I am trying to make is NOT that the black mamba is the most dangerous, venomous, or dangerous, nor is the fierce snake, nor is the beaked sea snake. The point is that it’s prudent for those concerned to seek information from published scientific studies rather than from a blog that anyone can say anything they want without any knowledge on the matter or respect for others (bigdick certainly doesn’t care to help others. He also doesn’t deserve the responses that some of you gave him/her, as this person is obiously either ignorant or desires to get some sort of negative response from the rest of you true nature lovers). Also, it is important to scrutinize the methods of these papers to see if they serve to answer the question(s) under study. If so, take the conclusions as evidence to support what may be the Truth, but don’t believe it 100% just because a scientist did some study that you know nothing about that results in some findings that you may not even understand. And certainly don’t think that the information posted here is supposed to accurately depict the nature of the question. This blog was meant to give an answer to the question of the 10 deadliest snakes in the world to the best of the author’s ability. I would certainly say that it is informative to the layman that knows nothing about snakes and wants a quick and somewhat accurate answer to this question. It is also informative to someone, like myself, that knows a lot about the natural world, and wants to see the current listings for such inquiries. To those of you that have your own opinions, you may be right. You may not be right. And if you’re right, you probably aren’t right 100% of the time, as this question is relative (one snake’s venom is more potent relative to another’s). Just enjoy the forum, learn what you can, and if you are not satisfied, research it yourself. Ater all, the more we know, the more questions we should have as a species with high mental capacities. I repeat, answers to questions only lead to more questions. And “research it yourself” doesn’t mean go to the Google homepage and type in “most toxic snake venom in the world” or “deadliest snakes in the world.” It may actually entail obtaining these snakes and extracting their venom and diluting it and seeing how dilute you can make it, and average, and still kill several mice. Or it may entail seeing the smallest amount of venom straight from the snake that will kill a mouse and doing some math to see how many snakes that particular snake can kill given the smallest amount needed to kill a mouse and how much they can inject with a bite.

    • I think the biggest problem with the standard LD50 tests is that they are done on mice so we are to assume the same potentency on humans. Clearly if you have a degree in biology you will see a problem with this. Also these tests are done by drying, diluting and otherwise tampering with the venom and I feel this will also interfer with the natural effect of the venom compounds. I would like your thoughts on the studies I prefer to go by which are clinical studies on snake bite victoms(people). Are lab studies done on mice as accurate as real situations? I personaly don’t think so. In these studies the eastern brown for example has a 10-20% lethalaty rate in bites untreated with enveomation where as the black mamba’s is 100%!!! Let me what you think.

  261. Josh, the last little bit of your post is precisely what I have done. I used to just Google the “Deadliest snakes in the world”, and accept what the first site had to say. Now, however, I test these theories myself. As you have seen from my previous posts, my results tend to contradict what many others believe. Like you said, people are entitled to their opinion, and it may either be right, or wrong. I present my argument because I believe it to be right, based on my studies. Others tend to base there arguments on other peoples’ studies. This is why I get annoyed, because most of the posters claim something, but their only proof is research done by someone else. As you have said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, meaning you are too. I personally don’t think that a blog is to answer a question and only a question. I believe a blog is designed to give a possible answer to a question, and then, see what others think about that answer. Just curious, but what are your thoughts on what the deadliest snake is?

    • Black Mamba wins – Just F*** off mate! Everyone with half a brain knows your a making sh** up, you are contradicting yourself over and over. I’m guessing you are some twenty year old fat kid, who has never been up close to a live snake before? If you wont post any references (besides your own incoherant ranting) post your real name.

      Grow up

      • To Black Mamba wins. You claim to have decades of experience studying venomous snakes and then state you used to just google sites and accept it as fact. I used to actually read books/studies on these animals before the internet. I agree with BGF that your so called research is BS. I personally think that all factors considered the black mamba is “deadlier” than most snakes on this list and that the standard LD50 tests are limited in that they are done on mice and that this list is incomplete but your arguments are getting rediculous. The coastal tapain and black mamba are pretty much equal in the deadly depatment. I suggest you read Dr. Davidson’s research on mortality rates. The black mamba’s venom has been seen to cause accute renal failure on top of their neurotoxic venom and the coatal taipan can cause sever blood clotting on top of their neurotoxic venom. They both can cause rapid death and are known for their aggression. Reading down to your top ten list you left out the cape cobra and bushmaster just to name two. Both are known to have very high mortality rates.

  262. After all is said and done there’s is no doubt that in terms of aggression, strike speed and overall demenour the Black mamba is the deadliest and most feared snake according to most herpatologists and others who have studied aussie’s worst and africa’s most feared…

    The king Cobra is the largest most venemous snake and can inject large quantities of neurotoxic venom along with most other cobras.

    The Brown , tiger and taipan are extremely poisonous but dont have the speed of strike and reputation of the Black mamba..

    Im proud to say as a south african that we have the the deadliest snake in the world along with the biggest fanged,( Gaboon Adder) as well as the most posionous the boomslang…

    its all happening right her off my doorstep!!!




  264. One must relize that this list is one person opinion but if you study this list as well as other regarding this subject you will see quite a difference in opinion who is truly the most deadly. Mnay list I have read do have many of the same members on it. hissssssssssssssss

  265. cool these r very dangerous snakes in the world

  266. To Black Mamba Wins, sorry I haven’t responded back to you from your response on the 23th of October as I have been away. Your response was very informative, particularly in relation to the Black Mamba’s venom in relation to other primates, using Chimps as an example!

    In your response you mentioned:

    “The Black Mamba’s venom is more toxic to humans than the Inland Taipan’s venom. I know this because I have preformed this test. Using nerves from a cedaver (both the Inland Taipan and Black Mamba have primarily neurotoxic venom), it is possible to measure the nerve destruction and estimate the human LD50 (we would never test this on actual humans). Also, based on the amount of venom needed to kill a Chimpanzee ( chimp DNA and human DNA are 99% identical) we can estimate the human LD50. I hope this answers your questions.”

    Not being facetious, but how did you actually do this, because I doubt that you would have used live Chimps in the process.

  267. Also in relation to your question Steve, I think you will find the Russells Viper to have contributed to the most deaths. Unfortunately it is due to its proximity to a high number of people working in agriculture in Asia and have relatively ordinary medical facilities to treat the victims adequately once bitten!

  268. While I am on a roll, talking about aggressive not the most toxic snakes apart from the Coastal Taipan and Black Mamba there is another snake that comes into play called the Fir de Lance. When I served in the Forces, I met a guy that was in the British Army that served in Belize and he said this one was the most everyone feared because of the jungle work they did.

    This is bearing that most humans have a greater fear of spiders than snakes and they used to have a lot of large Tarantuala’s coming into their huts on a regular basis. This experience he said was hard to come to terms with to begin with, but after time the Fir de Lance was what most soldiers who had served there for a period of time had far more to fear from because of its aggression in the animal kingdom!

    I only mentioned this as a bit of interest being a snake blog!

  269. Black Mamba Wins,
    That’s great the the last part of my post is precisely what you have done. More people need to do that work for themselves. However, since you can’t give us any publication data, it doesn’t matter if you did the greatest study of all time. If the public can’t access your data, experimental design, and results, then it is null and void–sort of. I don’t know you, and therefore have no reason to believe anything that you tell me, unless I can verify that you are telling the truth. So, since you can’t provide me with literature, answer me this–Does the blurb on this in the Guiness Book of World Records, 2009 (or 2010, whichever year it is for) give specifics about who performed these experiments or at least how they were performed? If so, then your answer to this question becomes more substantiated and credible. As far as which snake I believe to be the most deadly–I don’t know. If we stricktly speak of potency of venom per cc, then it is a really tough question to answer, because you would need to perform these tests with many different species, and use at least 50 snakes of each species and maybe three age categories of each species as well, so like 15 hatchlings (5 years old) of each species. An adequate study just has not been done. You say you did a study, but how many individuals of eac species did you use? And what are all of the species that you used? If we are talking about DEADLY, taking into account potency, venom delivered, aggression, and human contact probability, then I would definitely have to lean towards the black mamba, realizing that the categories are relative and somewhat speculative, such as aggression.

  270. What nonsense, when I was looking through i was a little suprised and slightly annoyed to find so few snakes and so many comments, can you include a few more snakes, wht about the king cobra?? I think it definitely deserves a mention on this list.

  271. Very nice pics though, especially the boomslang!!

  272. Snakes in this group all have one thing in common and it doesn’t matter where they come from.

    it is simply this … if you are bitten by any of them in the bush then put your head between your arse cheeks and kiss it goodbye..

  273. WoW, great informational site Thank You very much.
    But the truly number one snakes are the ex-wifes, belive me they are the deadliest 😉

  274. This is very good information about the snakes and love the pictures =)

  275. I adore snakes. When I get older I want to study Herpetology. How I got interested was this:I saw Steve do a preety dam good job so I thought I should study Herpetology.) Can some-one list down the worlds 15 most deadliest snakes and the worlds 15 biggest snakes PLEASE!!!!! …

  276. podedhondhonepod

    nice reasearch..

  277. Raghvendra Gohil

    Where do you rank the King cobra if these are the ten most deadliest snake ?

  278. Raghvendra Gohil

    As per me the correct ranking should be like this
    1. Hydrophis Belcheri (but its not terrestrial–if you don’t beleive see DK’S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY ENCYCLOPEDIA Edition 2007, Page No. 918, lower bottom under title ‘Most Venomous Animals’ and read the first sentence.)
    1. Inland Taipan (terrestrial world’s most toxic )
    2. Comman Krait
    3. Philippine Cobra
    4. King Cobra
    5. Russell’s Viper
    6. Black Mamba (also showed as fastest snake on world)
    7. Yellow-Jawed Tommygoffs or Fer-de-lance Pit viper
    8. Multibanded Krait
    9.Tiger Snake
    10. Jarararcussu

  279. Raghvendra Gohil

    Black Mamba-
    For those who consider Black Mamba is the most venomous snake please check some data and please do a LD50 Tests (toxicity test) if you don’t beleive.
    You can consider Black Mamba the Fastest snake.

  280. Raghvendra Gohil:

    I have done hundreds if not thousands of LD50 tests on both the Black Mamba and the Inland Taipan. The Taipan comes out on top for the mouse LD50, but the Mamba comes out on top for human LD50. And please don’t make a list of the most toxic snakes in the world unless you actually test them yourself, as I have done. I have seen a website with the exact same results as you for 10 deadliest snakes, and according to my studies, it is wrong. Here is the link:

    If you got your info from here or any other 10 deadliest snakes website, then please don’t go around telling people that you know the real order of 10 deadliest snakes, because you haven’t tested them yourself. Now if you have tested them yourself, then I am sorry for falsely accusing you of just using google to get your info. However, if you have done the research youself, I find it pretty hard to believe that you got the exact same results as that website I provided the link to. Please see my other posts for in depth reasons why the Black Mamba is the most toxic snake in the world.

  281. Based on my studies, I have made a list of the REAL top 10 most deadly snakes.
    1. Black Mamba
    2. Inland Taipan
    3. King Cobra
    4. Tiger Snake
    5. Boomslang
    6. Beaked Sea Snake
    7. Indian Krait
    8.Green Mamba
    9.Russell’s Viper
    10. Saw-Scaled Viper

  282. as ive s said and will say it GAIN!!


    I n terms of venemous cleary Taipan and Brown snake win with Boomslang having very poisonous haemotoxin aswell

    Africa is the place to be chaps!!!

  283. Thank you Lionfire. Quite a few people on this site seem to be having a hard time understanding that.

  284. i cant belive they didnt add the black mamba

  285. HI i accidentaLY opened this site cuz im realy bored some ae right i expected the KING COBRA or BLACK MAMBA as no. 1

  286. how ome you dont have the king cobra and aconda ect……

  287. Steve, the anaconda is a 25-33 foot long constrictor, not a venomous snake. That is why they don’t have it on here.

  288. anyone who thinks the black mamba should be on the list is an idiot. they are not rating this on how fast or aggresive the snake is , its about how venomous and australia has 22 of the top 25 venomous snakes

    • This list claims to be “most deadly” not most venomous. I assume that means deadly to people rather than mice. Based on clinical data on snake bite victoms, people not mice, untreated Black Mamba bites are 100% fatal. Krait bites are 70% fatal without treatment. Death Adder bites 50% without treatment. Puff Adder bites 52% without treatment. Inland Taipan unknown no recorded deaths. Before you call us idiots show us facts to back up your claims.

  289. the eastern brom would as or more aggresive as the black mamba

  290. Sorry Roger, but the black mamba is the MOST aggressive snake in the world, and the black mamba is the deadliest and most venomous (toxic). Please see my previous posts for reasons why. Unless you have actually done the research and the tests, don’t make or support a claim. I have done the research and the tests, and the Black Mamba Wins.

  291. i have a creek in my back yard and it has water snakes and it is fun but dangerous back there abd whenever i go back there i am really scared aand dont know wht to do because i see one when ever i go back ther and it is scary well gtg bye

  292. Kk,

    Unless the water snakes in your backyard are water moccasins (cottonmouths), you have no reason to fear. Water snakes are completely harmless, and they can’t hurt you. Well, I guess they could bite you, but the worst thing that would happen is that you would bleed a little bit.

  293. how about to stop all of your childish bickering go to this website i find the study more agreable and they also give points of referance and the list is quite differant

  294. Lexuon,

    I have visited that site before, and even posted the link here. Number one way to tell if a snake website doesn’t know what its talking about: if it refers to deadly snakes a “poisonous”.

    Poison is a toxic that is harmful if taken orally, or if injected directly into the bloodstream. An example of poison would be ricin, a toxin found in the Castor Bean plant. This toxin was used to kill the Jews during the Holocaust.
    Venom, however, is ONLY harmful if injected directly into the bloodstream. So yes, you could drink snake venom, although it would taste bitter and nasty. So to call snakes poisonous is incorrect.

    The second reason I disagree with this study is because it contradicts with my studies as to the order of 10 deadliest snakes. I highly doubt you actually do the research, and post your own results, so if you do, I apologize for falsely accusing you. According to my studies, the Black Mamba is the most toxic as well as most deadly snake in the world. NOT the Inland Taipan.

    Also you say we should stop all the “childish bickering”? This is a snake blog. Obviously people will have different views on things and they will argue their points and discuss it with others. Blogs are designed for people the share their thoughts and opinions with others, and get some feedback. So to tell us to stop disagreeing with each other isn’t just wrong, its not going to happen.

    So thank you for posting and sharing your views, but I do not support the website you have provided, and unless you have done the research, such as performed LD50 tests, you really have no room to talk.

  295. i love snakes even the deadliest ones ben bugging her to get me one.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo to snakes.

  296. Please Dont handle snakes without Proper indentification by experts.

  297. i love snakes very much i Am crazy about snakes

  298. The Picture Of The Boomslang Is Wrong!!!
    That Is A Picture Of A Harmless Bush Snake or Green Snake or Western Natal Green Snake Which Are Also Harmless …
    I’m From South Africa I Would Know, I’ve Caught Countless Amounts Of Boomslang, And That’s Not One.

  299. Darren could be right, i also didnt notice. The eyes for that snake on the picture are rather too small for a boomslang.

  300. Good eyes Darren and Fatso! I too noticed that a few months ago. The spots on this pic are much more pronounced than in a real Boomslang, and like Fatso said, the eyes are larger. Also the eyes of this pic are more yellow than an actual Boomslang.

  301. hello im micfatty and hate snakes

  302. The Taipan is perhaps the most venomous land snake, but the single most venomous snake in the world is the Belchers sea snake. Far more venomous than any other snake, it’s not even close.

  303. I hate to burst your bubble Gaston, but you are wrong. Firstly, you failed to specify with Taipan, so you could be referring to the Inland Taipan, Coastal Taipan, or the Central Ranges Taipan. Secondly, while all three of these snakes are incredibly venomous, none of them have the most toxic venom of any land snake. And thirdly, the Belchers sea snake does not have the most toxic venom of any snake. In my studies I have found that drop for drop, the Black Mamba has the most toxic venom of ANY snake, sea or land. Yes, these results contradict those of many other herpetologists, but when your results are published in the book of world records it usually means they are correct. And don’t try pulling off the “they mean’t deadliest, not most venomous,” or ” they mislabeled it,” arguments. I have gotten several responses saying things similar to this, and they are incorrect.

    Maybe what you are refering to is the mouse LD50, because in this case, the Inland Taipan and Belchers sea snake both beat the Black Mamba in toxicity. But mouse LD50 differs from human LD50, and here, the Black Mamba has the most toxic venom of any snake on the planet.
    250 human deaths per 100mg of Black Mamba venom, versus 170 human deaths per 100mg of Inland Taipan venom. Simple math should tell you the answer here.
    It is kind of like with the Sydney Funnel Weaver spider. It has incredibly toxic venom to humans, but they are completely harmless to dogs and cats.

    So thanks for posting, but next time, either do more research, or specify if you are going by human or mouse LD50.

  304. very great full achivement

  305. Hi,
    As i understand, Belcher’s sea snake is the deadliest and most venomous snake in the world and its venom is thought to be over 100 times more toxic than its nearest competitor, the inland taipan.

    Mercifully, however, it’s a friendly soul, and bites are almost unheard of.

  306. Piyush, read what I typed to Gaston. If you still have doubts, I will explain it to you later, but I have to go now. Point is, Black Mamba beats both Belchers sea snake and Inland Taipan in toxicity. No question.

  307. Correct me guys if I am wrong.
    Drop to drop- The King Cobra has the highest venom in terms of quantity.
    LD50 on mouse- The Inland Taipan has the most lethal venom on rodents.
    LD50 on humans- The black mamba has the deadliest venom on humans
    Speed- The black mamba is the fastest snake on land with a top speed of +-12km/hr
    Aggressiveness- The black mamba is the most aggressive snake, can even attack without being provoked

    I am not an expert on snakes but from the points I have mentioned above I would say the black mamba wins.

  308. Gee guys i must have been so ignorant, i dint know that Steve Irwin was late until today i had mistaken him for Austin Stevens

  309. Black Mamba Wins

    Thank you so much Fatso! Finally someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. You have every point exactly correct. Most people assume, that because the Inland Taipan has the most toxic venom to mice, it is also the most toxic to humans. This is incorrect. Many world renowned experts do not know this, because they do not know how to test it.

    To test it, take 100mg of Inland Taipan venom, and 100mg of Black Mamba venom, put the nerves of a Cadaver in a cup of each venom, let it sit for an equal amount of time (like 10 minutes), and measure the destruction/damage to each. 100% of the time, the Black Mamba will beat ANY other snake in toxicity for humans.

    So thanks again for not going with what some experts say, but for going with me, and the book of world records. Guinness wouldn’t publish results if they weren’t true. You are 100% correct.

  310. your website is best

  311. Black Mamba Wins

    Based on my studies, I have made a list of the REAL top 10 most deadly snakes.

    1. Black Mamba
    2. Inland Taipan
    3. King Cobra
    4. Tiger Snake
    5. Boomslang
    6. Beaked Sea Snake
    7. Indian Krait
    8.Green Mamba
    9.Russell’s Viper
    10. Saw-Scaled Viper

  312. Wait a minute guys… U r missing the Number One…
    If u r talking about only about the snakes living on land..then it is Inland Taipan…no doubt…
    But… the most venomous snake of the World is not it..
    It is HYDROPHIS BELCHERI sea snake…few milligrams of its venom can kill 1000 people in few mins.

  313. (yawn)
    We talking DEADLIEST guys not just Venemous and that why the Black mamba wins!!!

    Speed, VEnom, aggression and size make it lethal!!!

  314. @black mamba wins..

    Graci, graci!! lol:)

  315. Black Mamba Wins


    The Hydrophis Belcheri has the most potent venom of all snakes… to mice. The Inland Taipan has the most potent venom of all land snakes… to mice. The Black Mamba has the most potent venom of all snakes (sea or land)… to humans. Mouse LD50 and Human LD50 are two different things. Read mt other posts.

  316. @sahid- pretty sad to worship snakes as they have no ability to save or redeem us…

    I agree tho that for me in terms of sheer size and awe the King Cobra and Black mamba are both large venemous snakes with deadly reputations!!

    The King being the largest most venemous and the Black mamba imo the most deadly aggressive and feared snake in the world!!

    Russels viper is known to kill more ppl than any other snake and the puff adder in africa is responsible for more deaths than any other snake…

    plus in africa we have to deal with Forest, Egyptian, Rinkhals and mozambiqe spitting cobra…snake heaven:)

  317. You missed the most venomous snake, drop for drop, in the entire world.

    The Belcher’s Sea Snake, or Faint-Banded Sea Snake.

    While it doesn’t deliver a gigantic 110mg dose like the Inland Taipan, the toxic it contains is upwards of 100x more deadly than the Inland Taipan.

    I’ve noticed that lists either don’t include it at all (as it’s such a rare species), or they list it as absolutely #1 without question.

  318. The Belcher’s Sea Snake has venom so toxic that only a few mg of the stuff can kill up to 1,000 grown men. That outdoes the Mamba, Russell’s Viper, Beaked Sea Snake, or Inland Taipan by more than 100x.

  319. yes thanks but we talking DEADLIEST…:)

    ASk most snake handlers the 1 snake they dread working with and its 9 x out of 10 black mamba!!!

  320. lovedeep krishan chandelia

    i m biggest fan of all deadly snakes. but one of the best deadly snake is king

  321. Black Mamba Wins


    Read the comment I posted @ Harry. You are correct that the Hydrophis Belcheri (Belchers sea snake) has the most toxic venom of any snake to mice, but you are incorrect to say it has the most toxic venom of any snake to humans. This is the Black Mamba. It is sort of like the Sydney funnel weaver spider. Deadly to humans, but completely harmless to cats and dogs. The Inland Taipan and Belchers sea snake have venom that is extremely potent, and mice react more strongly to their venoms than that of other snakes. But, their venom is less effective to humans, and drop for drop, the Black Mamba Wins.

  322. Boomslang is such a cute snake…I just love that look in it’s eyes 🙂

  323. Not even close ; where is the black and green mamba? The are much more venemous than the boomslang

  324. Thank god i live in New Zealand and don,t have to worry about these sort of creatures or any other deadly creature. Sounds to me all snakes should be considered dangerous and be given a very wide berth. I have enjoyed the debate and the info from it but as I said you can keep the snakes to yourselfs….

  325. helo there, an australian man picking the australian snakes.. not fai, what bout mambas, kings, cottonmouth, russel vipers etc..

  326. berul a hlauhawm ber aaaleh aleh zak chem chem ang!!

  327. fuck………

  328. Hrdrophis belcheir is missing. I read it is more venomous than Taipan. I think rating of this website is correct. Check this out.

  329. Black Mamba Wins


    I have visited that site before, and even posted the link here. Number one way to tell if a snake website doesn’t know what its talking about: if it refers to deadly snakes a “poisonous”.

    Poison is a toxic that is harmful if taken orally, or if injected directly into the bloodstream. An example of poison would be ricin, a toxin found in the Castor Bean plant. This toxin was used to kill the Jews during the Holocaust.
    Venom, however, is ONLY harmful if injected directly into the bloodstream. So yes, you could drink snake venom, although it would taste bitter and nasty. So to call snakes poisonous is incorrect.

    The second reason I disagree with this study is because it contradicts with my studies as to the order of 10 deadliest snakes. I highly doubt you actually do the research, and post your own results, so if you do, I apologize for falsely accusing you. According to my studies, the Black Mamba is the most toxic as well as most deadly snake in the world. NOT the Inland Taipan OR the Belchers Sea snake.

    If you need more proof/results, I will be happy to explain it to you, or you could just read some of my other posts.

  330. i know it has nothing to do with most deadliest but the Gaboon Viper has the longest fangs.. The Gaboon viper has fangs the measure 2 inches (5 cm) in length! These giant fangs fold up against the snake’s mouth so it does not pierce its own skin. When it is ready to stike its prey, the fangs snap down into position. The snake can grow up to 7 feet (2 m) long and weigh 18 pounds (8 kg). It is found in Africa and is perfectly camouflaged for hunting on the ground beneath leaves and grasses. The Gaboon viper’s poison is not as toxic as some other snakes, but it is quite dangerous because of the amount of posion it can inject at one time. The snake is not very aggressive, however, and usually only attacks when bothered.

    Now this has some thing to do with the most Deadliest snake, The Black Mamba is the Deadliest so whoever says otherwise needs to listen to Black Mamba Wins he seems to know what he’s talking about so sit back shut up & Listen.

  331. Black Mamba Wins


    I love the Gaboon Viper, and think it is probably one of the most beautiful snakes in the world. Have you ever been bitten by it? Those long fangs sure do hurt, and it’s mixture of neurotoxins and cytotoxins make it an incredibly destructive and painful bite. I nearly had to have my right middle finger amputated in 1999, due to a bite from a female. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad, but I still have the scar.

    Thanks so much for agreeing with me. Those who say the Inland Taipan and Belchers Sea snake have the most toxic venom aren’t necessarily wrong about that, they just need to specify what it is most toxic to (mice, humans, etc). For mice, Belchers sea snake is #1 of all, Inland Taipan is #1 of all land snakes, and black mamba is about 12 or 13. For humans, this is the listing:

    1. Black Mamba
    2. Inland Taipan
    3. King Cobra
    4. Tiger Snake
    5. Boomslang
    6. Beaked Sea Snake
    7. Indian Krait
    8.Green Mamba
    9.Russell’s Viper
    10. Saw-Scaled Viper

    So thanks again for agreeing, and thanks for your appreciation of snakes. They truly are beautiful and amazing creatures. =)

  332. @Black Mamba Wins.

    I don’t agree with you that Kalyan City Website don’t know what they are talking about.

    I think it is you who don’t know what you are talking about.

    I managed to contact author of Kalyan City via email. He replied, “My list is not entirely based on LD50 values but also takes many other factors into consideration.”

    Later I personally contacted Mr. Nagendra Patil, a snake farm owner and herpetologist with 21 years of experience. Mr. Patil also said that Hydrophis Belcheri is 200 times more lethal than Black Mamba.

    I think you failed to read disclaimer note on Kalyan City’s article page. It clearly mentions that they are purposely using words like poisonous for some SEO reasons. For most people specially in Asian countries these two words are often used as synonyms. While searching online most people search for terms like ‘most poisonous snakes’ and not always ‘most venomous snakes’. This makes sense to me.

    Further you talk about Human LD50 test. Mr. Frankenstein! Are you conducting test on humans?

    Stop accusing others websites, better rectify your prejudice and be assertive in your opinion.

    Lastly, don’t shout “Black Mamba Wins”.

    Now I’ve officially confirmed only Hydrophis Belcheri Wins.

    From Randhir Jadhav.

  333. @ Rhandir…

    Whatever buddy you outnumbered and misinformed and once againg we talking about DEADLLIEEEEEST!! NOT…most venemous…


    1 Fastest
    2 DEadly neurotoxin
    3 Incredibly fast strike
    4 Victims have died as little as 6 mins after bite


  334. well i say the top three are the stelleto snake,black mamba and the king cobra.

    why king cobra?

    the longest venomous snake.
    can kill within mins
    can stand over 2 meters high
    injects large amounts of venom

    why the black mamba?

    fastest snake
    without antivenom 100% fatal
    venom is lethal

    why the stelleto snake?

    impossible to handel
    no antivenom
    venom disove flesh
    shots out one fand by the side of its mouth

  335. These are the top 10 rather u like it or not..

    1. Black Mamba
    2. Inland Taipan
    3. King Cobra
    4. Tiger Snake
    5. Boomslang
    6. Beaked Sea Snake
    7. Indian Krait
    8.Green Mamba
    9.Russell’s Viper
    10. Saw-Scaled Viper

  336. i m from india.i love snakes but d’nt much about snakes.but i know that gaboon viper has biggest fangs in all the snakes.

  337. this are some nice snakez mayne they are very dangreous nad that is good

  338. Rhandir,

    I apologize for not responding for some time, as my computer was in the shop and I have been away since July 4th. I appreciate your opinions, and respect them, but I disagree.

    Yes, many people refer to venomous snakes as ‘poisonous’. As I have explained, this is incorrect.
    This website says “Worlds top 10 Most Poisonous Venomous Deadliest snakes”. This title is very confusing. What are they talking about? Most deadly or most toxic? This question is mine, a herpetologist with 24 years experience. I can’t imagine the confusion of someone without any snake knowledge whatsoever. So you claim they used the word ‘poisonous’ to clarify for people searching deadly snakes, but I find it confusing, especially because they use 3 words to describe the info. So which is it? Most deadly or most venomous?

    It appears to me that you didn’t completely read the disclaimer either. It said that the author had compiled all the info from multiple sources, which might not be correct. I didn’t get my info from any book or website. I did the research myself and I am posting my results.
    Don’t misunderstand me. I think people can agree with others that are professionals, share their opinions, and debate results. I don’t think that they can research a subject, throw together info they found in various places, and call it the truth. That is why I have a problem with this site.

    Mr. Patil said the Hydrophis Belcheri is 200 times more lethal than the black mamba. To what animal? If it is mice, he is correct. If it is to humans, he is incorrect.

    I advised you to read some of my other posts. It would have helped you understand my Human LD50 point.
    As I have previously stated on many occasions, to test Human LD50, you need a Cadaver. Since both the black mamba and belchers sea snake have primarily neurotoxic venom, you take the nerves of the Cadaver and place them in the venom (say 5mg of venom diluted in 10ml of water) of each snake for the same amount of time (say 5 minutes). By measuring the destruction of each nerve sample, or the time needed to completely destroy the nerves, you can find out the Human LD50 (using several calculations). I have performed tests like this with dozens of different snake species hundreds of times, and the Black Mamba has ALWAYS come out on top.

    So once again, thanks for your opinions and a good debate, but like I said, I disagree with you.

    Sorry for such a long post. I tend to get carried away. =)

    Now I’ve officially confirmed only Black Mamba Wins. So I will shout it.

  339. They left out one of the most deadliest snakes on earth. The Black Mamba

  340. Chandler,

    You are right that they left out the black mamba, but you are incorrect about the snake with the longest fangs.
    Pankaj is correct, the Gaboon viper has the longest fangs of any snake.
    You might have meant the Black Mamba has the longest fangs of any elapid. This is correct.

  341. This list is crap. LD50 is for mice not people. Austraila has an avarge of 2 to 4 snake bite fatalities per year. Africa and Asia are in the thousands. As for Black Mamba vs. Taipan, check to see which has killed more people. I’ll guarentee It’s the Black Mamba. Even when Steve Irwin confronted a Taipan he laid down and let it come right up his face. When he confronted the Black Mamba he admited it gave him cold sweats and called it the most dangerous snake he ever faced.

  342. For Black Mamba wins. I agree the Black Mamba’s venom is more toxic to humans than the snakes on this list. As an example: studies have shown that if an adult person is bitten by the death adder(wich made the list), they have a 50% of surviving with out treatment. If the same person is bitten by a Black Mamba, They have a virtually no chance of surviving. This would even place the puff adder above the death adder with an over 50% fatality rate. This list should be called most deadly to mice. I’d like to know how fast a taipan’s venom could kill a person vs. A Black Mamba. Being that the Black Mamba produces Dendrotoxin that is mostly neuro and cardiotoxins and that they are prone to deliver several bites possibly in the chest area, their sheer size and speed only the King Cobra and Forest Cobra could come close to being in the same league. I’d like to know if you agree or if there is something I left out.

  343. Rachel,

    Yay! Someone finally understands what I am talking about. Thank you! The only thing you might have wanted to add is the amount of venom that can be injected. This can be a major factor in the time it takes to kill a person. If both snakes injected their max amount, the mamba would win by a landslide; more than three times as fast. If both injected the same amount of venom, the mamba would still win, but only by approx. 1.2 times. Something else is that there is no record of a person ever being killed by an Inland Taipan. How’s that for deadly!

    Thank you again for your opinion and your support, as you are correct.

    • It’s not that surprising. The Inland Tipan is not aggressive. Untill clinical observations can be done on human fatalities it shouldn’t be on the list. As for venom yield it is low compared to other snakes. Inland Tiapan-Average 44mg, max 110mg. Black Mamba-Average 100 to 120mg, max 400mg. King Cobra-380 to 600mg. Forest Cobra-500mg. Puff Adder-Average 100 to 350mg, max 750mg. Gaboon Viper-200 to 1,000mg!!!!! The venom produced by the Black Mamba works faster than most. In studies done on mice with subcutaneous injections, most snake venom takes 7 minutes to kill. The Black Mamba’s takes 4.5 minutes!!!!! Being that they frequently hunt birds, they need fast acting venom. Time is absolutely critical to determine how deadly a snake is. No matter how toxic a snake is, if you can’t get treatment in time you die. For example lets say Tom manages to get an Inland Taipan to bite him. He would probably have 45 minutes to an hour to get help.(the Taipan’s small fangs scracthed him) Now lets say Tom steps on a Puff Adder. It strikes and both of it’s large fangs hit an artery. He dies in less than 20 minutes.(check it out this did happen) If Tom received a good dose of Black Mamba venom from their long very forward pointing fangs he could die in as little as 15-20 minutes. My point is that many factors come into play when determining how lethal a snake is. So far the deadliness of the Inland Taipan is speculation untill someone dies and clinical data can be obtained. Thanks for reminding me about the venom yeild it is very important.

  344. I love seeing and identifying kinds of snakes…especially their environments

  345. Re: The “Black Mamba Wins” guy
    Dude, I have been following your Mamba rants, though I must admit I got bored about half way through. I especially enjoyed the “Aussie snake will die of thirst because Africa is drier” bit. I can tell you this much. I actually live in South Africa, and the Black Mamba is exclusively found in the trpoical or subtropical regions. In other words, should the King Snake and Black Mamba happen to be chasing each other around through the deserts of Africa, the odds are, your buddy the Mamba will die of dehydration first.

  346. Jaz,
    If you got bored, why did you keep on reading?

    “I can tell you this much. I actually live in South Africa, and the Black Mamba is exclusively found in the trpoical or subtropical regions.” – Wrong. The Black Mamba has been seen in the tropical regions of Africa, but also in some arid regions including Aswan, Egypt, the hottest and driest city in the world, the Sahara, the hottest, largest, and driest desert in the world, and in Djibouti, the hottest driest country in the world. All are located in Africa.

    The King Brown is found in some of the wettest areas of Australia (including the island of New Guinea, which is the 5th wettest place in the world with an average annual rainfall of 182 inches).

    In other words, should the King Brown and Black Mamba happen to be chasing each other around through the deserts of Africa, the odds are, your buddy the King Brown will die of dehydration first. Whether you believe this or not is up to you, but this is what I have found by traveling to Africa.

  347. Jaz, Black Mamba Wins, Tim:
    Here is some info. on the three snakes(the king brown which is technically a “black snake” and the two Tim implied it can take out, black mamba and King Cobra.) King brown snake-average length 5 to 9′. Occurrence Australia/S. New Guinea from tropical forest to desert. Australia’s most widespread venomous snake. Black mamba-average length 7 to 11.5′ Occurrence E. and S. Africa with isolated patches in W. Africa. In savanna woodland and thornscrub, rocky outcrops, North East edges of the Sahara Desert. King Cobra-average length 10 to 16.5′ Occurrence S. and S. E. Asia. In forest and on Plantations.The king brown and black mamba can and have adapted to various habbitats including dry climates. If I had to pick a winner, basing on all three being healthy adault snakes, the King Cobra would come out on top followed by the black mamba and lastly the king brown. All three are fast and deadly(the black mamba is the fastest) and are known to consume venomous snakes. In this case size does matter. It’s hard to say with absolute certainty as their ranges don’t come close to overlapping this “fight” is pure fantasy. I’m alittle hesitant to comment on “what if” situations but wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

  348. I live in Ontario, Canada and just visited the “Indian River Reptile Zoo”. They are as far as I know the only zoo here with a Black Mamba. Most of their animals unfortunately are rescued pets. Trust me pet stores here can be terrible. One tried to sell me a savana monitor lizard. I asked how big it would get and he said only as big as the encloser(a ten gallon cage). I knew that they can get arround 6 feet and when I said this he admitted he didn’t know!!!!! I did buy a king snake there and those idiots told me she ate crickets when I asked if she was used to prekilled mice.(she does like like them and is doing well on hopper mice as she is still young) The Mamba is a rescued pet. It is easily the most impressive snake I have ever seen!!! The only other animal I’ve been that close to that gave me that feeling of awe was a huge male timber wolf. Everyone who walked by the Black Mamba stopped dead in their tracks. It is awesome!!! This guy seemed to know it too. I swear he had a cocky look in his eyes. Make no mistake they are intelligent. Just wanted to express this experience with others who appreciate the wonders of nature and snakes in particular.

  349. For the ongoing and rather ridiculous debate about which one comes out on top in the death stakes, the basic criteria on which snake is the deadlier comes down to a basic scientific argument on the toxicity of the venom, not on behavioral characteristics. One might as well argue against the claims of certain sea snakes for toxicity versus their behavioral characteristics, because it’s well known that while extremely deadly, most sea snakes would have to gum you at length in order to inject sufficient poison to kill you!

    Given the nature of the debate and how far it has strayed from the appropriate interpretation based on toxicity, one might as well throw the Hippo into the argument and cite the amount of people killed by the creature annually versus fatalities suffered from the bite of the Black Mamba. As another example, is the non venomous Annaconda less of a threat to a small child, or more? Or do you now want to stray back to the fact that the subject was about venomous snakes? In that highly logical case, you’re back to what the true nature of the debate (and this site) is about – venom and its toxicity. Everything else is superfluous to the argument.

    This whole debate has turned into something of a pissing contest on the part of the African contingent, who seemingly have their noses out of joint that ‘their’ snake isn’t top of the list. Most credible sites and scientific authorities on the matter put the Inland Taipan on the top of the list for terrestrial snakes – the toxicity is off the scale compared to other terrestrial snakes. End of story. Do your homework and ignore the site’s resident bores who want to argue otherwise. I would also add that the common tale regarding Australia’s oft repeated claim of owning nine out of the ten deadliest terrestrial snakes in the world is also false. By my best estimate, Australia can lay claim to three, perhaps four.

    A further point. I happen to know a scientist who has made a long term study of snake venom in Australia in recent years, and according to him it is becoming increasingly apparent that the toxicity of snake venom, at least as far as his study of Brown snakes is concerned, can vary quite dramatically from one region to another, even in as little a distance as 100km. So claims on whether the Brown is the second deadliest or the twentieth are very subjective and dependent on where the snake originated from. The same could well apply to other species – I wonder if the site’s resident African expert is aware of that?

    Finally, to Black Mamba Wins (yes, you guessed it, I was referring to you in the previous sentence) anyone who sets themselves up with such a moniker isn’t in the market to conduct a sensible debate or be open to the views of others, as you’ve made patently clear. Winning an argument, no matter what, is an entirely different proposition compared to trying to arrive at a scientific truth. The latter point is obviously of little interest to you.

    Nor does your stated interest in snakes make you the leading world expert on the subject, just the leading blowhard on the subject – Steve Irwin certainly loved playing with them, but no one would have cited him as the scientific authority on the matter. All that is blazingly apparent from your posts is the fact that you’re out to push your own barrow, nothing more and nothing less. Anyone with serious pretensions to scientific credibility and reputation would certainly conduct themselves in a far more circumspect and factual manner and not trundle out ridiculous arguments on the speed and temperament of a snake as giving credence to a debate that any sensible scientist would base on pure science, not variables designed to win arguments. One might as well toss out the whole debate on toxicity, trundle out a list of fatalities, and put the snake with the number of accredited deaths annually at the top of the list. Never mind population and urban densities, species behaviour and scarcity, availability of antidotes, quality of medical care, etc – whatever lets you win the argument and put to bed all those who’d dare disagree with you. You’re a crashing bore.

    Finally, your knowledge of Australia is as scant as your supposed expertise on snakes. Regarding your opinion of the survivability of the King Brown in Africa, I’d suggest you do a study on inland Australia – surprise! And you thought the country was just one big verdant jungle, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but the greater portion of inland Australia is one big arid or semi-arid empty, with scorching temperatures and little to any water. In case you don’t know what arid means, here’s the dictionary definition ‘being without moisture; extremely dry; parched: arid land; an arid climate.’ Oddly enough, this is where one commonly finds Pseudechis australis , as I can personally testify – I got nearly bitten by one whilst doing field work some years ago. I would have thought an ‘expert’ like you would have known something so basic, so if its all the same to you, I’d fancy the snake’s chances of surviving in Africa’s ‘unbearable’ climate. Guess you’ve never been to Marble Bar, right?

    • You brought some very valid points to the debate and I agree the king brown would have no problem with arid conditions. That aside the king brown may have other worries in Africa such as dealing with the chance of getting trampled on by large game animals, honey badgers and other predators that it never had to deal with. But reptiles are true survivors just check out how well some are thriving in Florida, USA(pythons, monitor lizards). I don’t however agree that a good debate is rediculous. Here are some reasons I don’t take the LD50 as gossple. Comments on LD50 on Venom-One:
      “these sorts of lists are not all inclusive and should not be taken as absolute rankings”
      “the murine model gives a reasonable indication of human toxicity but is not exact”
      “venom yield must also be considered”
      Comment from Dr. Wolfgang Wuster:
      “I did a recent survey a while ago, in which it came out that 50-75% of the venoms of certain groups could not be confidently assigned to one of the currently recognised species.”
      Comments on Snakes Uncovered:
      “we are after all not mice.”
      “The LD50 test has been dubbed crude and unscientific.”
      Factors that can influence snake venom:
      Age/Gender/Size/Prey species/Locality.
      If you look up clinical studies(Dr. Davidson, etc) on snake bites(people not mice) it drastically would effect “the deadliest snakes in the world list”. Based on these sudies the chance of death from a bite with envenomation and without receiving treatment is as follows:
      Black Mamba/Costal Taipan-100%
      Common Krait-77%(50% with antivenom treatment)
      Tiger Snake-60-70%
      Death Adder-50%
      Inland Taipan-no fatalities recorded.
      I would also like to point out that on the list it ranks the costal taipan as #4 then it goes on to say it’s the 3rd most venomous snake in the world. I think the debate on the deadliest snake will allways be on going. As for the most dangerous snake, the one that kills the most people world wide, that title would go to the saw-scaled wiper. Let me know what you think.

  350. Where does the Fer de Lance stand in this order?

  351. i am a great fan of Steve Irwin

  352. Not only have but live all your dreams dear ‘Friend’
    Did you not observe the snakes in chain at night?

  353. If you just want to go by LD50(mice) the list is still incorrect(I prefer clinical studies on human snake bite fatalities but to each their own). Here is a list with the subcutaneous(the most realistic if you are bitten) numbers(mg/kg) except for the boomslang for which I could only find intravenous. Data was obtained from a number of sources including Australian venom and toxic database and Dangerous snakes of Africa by Stephen Spawls and Bill Branch. The only snake I included other than those on the list is the black mamba. This list is not all inclusive, if it was it likely would be quite different. This is LD50 on mice drop for drop not including venom yield.
    Inland Taipan-0.025
    Eastern Brown-0.0365
    Costal Taipan-0.106
    Beaked Sea Snake-0.1125
    Mainland Tiger Snake-0.214
    Black Mamba-0.32
    Indian Krait-0.365
    Death Adder-0.5
    Saw-Scaled Viper-1.151
    Coral Snake-1.3
    Just to give an idea of how bad the list is the Chinese Cobra’s subcutaneous mg/kg is 0.29(between the tiger snake and black mamba). Clearly little research was done here. It looks like they put a bunch of Australian snakes together and a couple of others for show.

  354. Please keep in mind – this article is talking about toxicity of venom. The most dangerous snake in the world, the one that has killed more people across the globe is the “Russell’s Viper”. They bite deeply and transfer a lot of venom.

    If anyone has photos of snakes they saw in southeast Asia, I am building as a resource for people to identify snakes in Thailand.

    Cheers. GREAT article by the way!

  355. fuck that…..i don’t care what kind of creepy crawler it is….imma have a heart attack if i see one so they are all deadly lmao

  356. Does anyone know the subcutaneous LD50 for hydrophis belcheri? I could only find intramuscular mg/kg. Lots of sources say it’s the most venomous snake in the world but I’m currious how it’s venom compares to other snakes(taipans/mambas/etc. which I can’t find intramuscular LD50). I also found these intramuscular mg/kg values interesting:
    hyrophis melonosoma(black banded sea snake) 0.082
    aipysurus laevis(olive sea snake) 0.09
    hydrophis belcheri(faint banded sea snake) 0.155
    According to this hydrophis belcheri is not the most venous. Any information would be apreciated.

  357. hey thts reli a great job n the snakes are OMG deadliest as u say but i missed Black Mamba n King Cobra.
    i reli love snakes…..

    gracias por leer mi comentario

  359. nice spotted bush snake pic

  360. i am a bigg fan of steve irwin hes so so so great i miss his fantastic shows:( love your shows and u forever steve bye

  361. black mamba most be topped the list. It’s surprising to miss that one.

  362. I watched Steve Irwin’s show on Animal Planet about the 10 most deadly snakes in the world and the ten most venomous snakes in the world. There is a distinction between the two. Although i am surprised that the black mamba did not make the top ten most venomous. It however, was top 3 in the most deadliest. There were two shows and he clearly did that because of the obvious differences in meaning. Also the studies of venom were done on mice, not humans. So i would agree that this list is accurate, but the syntax is not. It should be titled 10 most venomous and it should make clear that the studies were done on mice.

    • Even going by the LD50 test done on mice this list is inaccurate. The Deather Adder’s score by this method is 0.5 mg/kg with an average venom yield of 40-100mg. In comparison the Black Mamba’s is 0.32 mg/kg with an average venom yield of 100-120mg. I honestly don’t know what criteria was used to create this list.

  363. Ya plz Give more info about more sankes.

  364. I’m surprised there is only one type of snake in top 10 from Africa…I thought we had at least couple. I’m from Kenya and I have come across some deadly ones. By the way, you can check our site which covers current events and information about Africa.

  365. I suggest watching Animal Planet more often.
    The lists have changed, and Irwin was not exactly a specialist himself.
    The Black Mamba, with a very effective, very quick, neurotoxin does make top 10 most venomous. I would actually expect it to be higher on the venomous list than on the deadliest list; mostly because it’s a much more rarely seen snake that say the Saw Scaled Viper.
    One other reason I don’t find this list all too accurate, is that the Coral Snake (among the less impressive of its family) makes top 10 of well__ anything really, either venom or how deadly, the Coral Snake should never be listed before the Death Adder or the Boomslang. Even the Common Cobra would “own” a Coral Snake.
    And for the record, if this list was of the most venomous, the Gaboon Viper would undoubtedly, be up there.

  366. List is inaccurate… Australia has 6 of the top 10 most venomous snakes on a drop by drop basis to MICE… Are mice humans?? No! so it is riduculous to claim that Australia has 6 of the top 10 most venomous to humans… I’ve read many studies on snakebites on humans by different types of snakes and Australia is lucky to have ANY snake in the top ten to humans let alone 6.. Australian snakes are ridiculously overrated and overhyped and arent even close to being as dangerous as Asian venomous snakes.. Australian venomous snakes are the most overrated animals in the entire animal kingdom. Their a joke compared to Asian venomous snakes!

  367. im not gonna argue with people on this but if we were to put australian snakes in over populated areas such as asia and africa were human contact is frequently more common then yes there snakes are more likely to be more aggressive hence human interaction, habitat destruction and more deadly being away from modern medicanes etc. Then put an australian snake in the mix in an area like that and just maybe the result may differ. more fatalities, more potent venom, no medicanes anti-venoms etc. i dont think it can be determined unless all is the same for both parties, or a snake death match broadcast via pay tv. snakes are awesome so just let em be peace out

  368. Which is the most Biggest snake

  369. I’ve always been interested in snakes. I love everything about them. But I have never had a close relationship with venomous snakes.

  370. @black mamba wins
    LD50 tests does not, or rather cannot, cover all variables. It does however provide a baseline comparison between venoms, and does have some merit.
    It is also a known fact that snake venoms vary within a single species. Factors that can influence snake venom are:
    1. Age
    2. Gender
    3. Size
    4. Prey species
    5. Locality
    as already stated by Rachael

    Besides, you used a Cadaver for simulating the test on humans, Cadaver being a dead human tissue or vein can never give an accurate result, simply because you cannot simulate a natural scenario, as it depends on multiple factors . Let’s admit, one has to be bitten by a snake to measure the intensity of its venom. If we purely talk about the aggressive nature and potency of venom then its Inland Taipan who scores over Belchar Sea Snake as those are not aggressive but have most toxic venom.

    Black Mamba is deadly for humans but still needs to improve if compared.

  371. I’d like to know the fastest adult human death as a result of a bite from among the most poisonous snakes on the planet.

  372. In ma country Uganda,no snake is compared 2 a black cobra.The snake which can stand on its belly to face whoever come against it.
    Researchers should take more notes about this Ugandan snake.

  373. It is my Husbands PENIS that is the most deadliest snake on the Earth.
    It has bitten me half-a-million times.

  374. @Xendra: That is funny. Keep it up… u know what

  375. i just had a red belly black snake on the road on my on front of my house
    yes still alive
    can you come get it please
    suburb: tanawa, sunshine coast number 7

  376. I think snakes are really cool! But I never knew the top ten deadlyest snakes. (I think I spelled deadlyest wrong). If only the person who made the website included the age and size.(If the facts age and size are include, what I said doesn’t matter. I LOVE this website!!!!!!!!!!
    Lomp Shasta(that’s my fake name) I’d never say my real name, would I?

  377. I have a vague interest in snakes, and have a very tiny limited knowledge of them but i just had to leave a comment about the on going infomation that has been written on here by the many people that have posted. Amazing! Iv’e never been glued to a forum with such interest before. But from what ive read, that black mamba really does kick butt ;p im glad i live in the UK…no nasties here!! Respect to all the slithering snakes out there!

  378. Hi can someone tellme ,

    question1. can anyone be killed by consuming venoms of pisonous snake, does it has same impact as a snake bite
    question2. is there a possibility of importing venoms of most poisonous snake like taipan, black mamaba, viper to India
    question 3. if answer to question 2 is yes, can anyone help me import it to india, pls write to me at


  379. Guess I won’t be taking that dream vacay to Australia after all.

  380. unknown snakes in this world

  381. Thank you for the info but I think a lot of you need to get out more!!!!!

  382. the black mamba is the most dangerous snake in the world and the Egypition cobra is also deady all of these snake is a animal that likely kills you

  383. Well, since I was raised in the USA, I don`t remember ever hearing of anyone being bitten by a coral snake and dying from the bite, but I have read about the “Black Mamba” bitting someone and the person died from it.So I am wondering if the people that put out the above information really checked out all the information that was available to them.???

  384. Benjamin Parrish

    the reason you have probably heard of other snakes such as th black mamba biting people more than you have your common coral snakes of the US is because the coral snakes have very small mouths and fangs making it difficult to bite through any sort of clothing or shoe, don’t diss the information above, I’m positive that the team of herpetologists that took the time to create “The Steve Irwin Mosaic Project,” knew what they were doing and don’t appreciate being questioned so harshly by someone who clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  385. im just sayin that the worlds deadliest snake is actually the Belcher’s Sea Snake ( Hydrophis Belcheri )

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  387. snakes are very deadly so you must never touch them unless you know if they are harmless.The dealiest snake in the world is the taipan did you know that i nearly died from a taipan i had to be in hospital for eighteen weeks which is a very long is a very long time

  388. When I was in my teens a friend was bitten by an Eastern Brown.
    He spent over a month in ICU in hospital. After release he was having
    treatment for many more years.
    The last deaths I know of in Australia from Eastern Browns occurred in 2007 (2 that year that I am aware of). We don’t regard it as our deadliest snake but it certainly is up there.

    The reason that the Inland Taipan has such potent venom, is from what I understand, is that essentially the sanke is in an “Arms Race” with its prey. The prey over time becomes more immune to the venom and the snakes venom becomes more toxic in response. What we are seeing is an evolutionary adjustment driven by survival between the prey the predator and the environment they live in.
    These snakes inhabit some of the most arid, hot, dry regions in Australia. It would need to conserve moisture and energy. Therefore an animal that uses small amounts of a very potent venom, I expect would survive better in these conditions.

    I think it is pointless most of the arguments that I have read on this forum.
    Venomous snakes did not evolve to hunt and prey on humans.

    It is unfortunate that many seem to be involved in this pissing contest of “my deadly animal is deadlier than yours”. There are many deadly creatures in this world, we have our fair share of them in Australia as do many other places in the world.

    Its a pity that so many are unable to see them for what they are, a reflection of the wonderful diversity and beauty contained in the natural world around us.

  389. I find this list in error. The most deadly snakes in the world are not venomous, they are constrictors. Giant Pythons, Anacondas, and Boas. The deadliest poison may kill in hours. Chances are there is an antivenom. A constrictor can kill in minutes or seconds. Plus there is no serum for crushed lungs or a broken ribcage that pierces your heart.

  390. Awesome work….

  391. PrivacyAct Info

    I agree. Stop the pissing contest. Just treat all venomous snakes as if they can kill you if left untreated. There. Done. All Venomous snakes are top killers, so leave your thing in your pants and just stop arguing over what’s more deadly than other.
    Allan has a good point.
    One thing to remember is that venomous snakes are of the most beautiful snakes in the world. I do love the Mamba snakes (both green mamba and black mamba (for those that only think there is 1 mamba)). Both are slender, sleek, long, beautiful and yes, deadly.
    Let’s enjoy the beauty of snakes instead of arguing over who’s wang is bigger and better.

  392. Sounds kool .. Hi there, don’t point out it as an argument instead its all about sharing the views. k, lets try to put it in a fair way, no matter who wanna claim which snake falls in to which type just support your post with any solid evidence so that all of shall learn something from this post. BTW, we are hear to know something new or better, so comparison shall always be there to judge something or remember something .. haha life is mostly about theory of relativity, I feel. That’s why we have numbers(Maths), categories (humans, non, continents, countries, sizes, counts, first, last.. Rs, $s…….etc huh wat not every thing need a value which shall be determined on comparison with another.. !!) so, lets share better info if any.
    Happy Sharing.. 🙂

  393. hiya,
    This is great stuff. I’m kinda looking forward to sharing the info provided here on my blog..just needed your permission. If you’d approve, I cud move ahead..
    this is my blog:

  394. I must say it seems a dicey move to leave out both the King cobra and the Black Mamba, but it’s so hard to define ‘deadliest.’ Loved the comment about no constrictors being in the list! All this talk does kind of make me glad that i live in Britain, where the last snake bite death was in 1975 (14 since records began in 1876)! As for fastest death from a snake bite, I was in Namibia a couple of years back working on a game reserve and one of the workers had (apparently – although i do trust the ranger who told me!) been killed in 7 minutes from a mamba bite, but that was in exceptional circumstances. He went into a shed and bent down to pick up a rake that was lying in some animal feed, unbeknown to him there was a female mamba in there guarding eggs and she struck him several times, including once in the neck.

    If anyone is really interested in all this stuff, I’ve spent the last two days wasting time looking up various snakes on which is run by the University of Adalaide and is one of the best snake websites i have been on. Check it out!

  395. One of the distracting issues with the ‘deadliest snake’ is the proximity of that snake’s habitat to human habitat. If you look at the Inland Taipan, it lives in a truly remote area of inland Australia and few people ever see one. In my 20’s I was working in the oilfield in this very area and we were warned that if we are bitten, we were, simply, ‘dead’ given the remoteness of where we were working. One day, following the small rodents that collected under the warm mud tanks on the rig, an Inland Taipan did in fact strike at a Scottish electrician but it hit him on the boot and he lived to tell the tale. I got a look at that snake and I was in awe of it. If you recall the show where Steve Irwin picked up the Inland Taipan, you can see the respect and care in his behaviour with it.

  396. there are 2 snakes id like to mention 1st cant forget the 100 pacer and somtimes called 50 pacer from asia which is a pit viper and it is rumered that people can die between 50 and 100 steps. 2nd one I no is not the most poisonous or deadliest but is worth mentioning because this is a snake site and is never mentioned is the african stiletto snake which has flesh and bone eating venom that liquefy’s both and there is no known anti-venom that EXIST, which is an extremly painful bite but not fatal, you can lose a limb which is common to the bite.

  397. Australian snakes eat Black Mambas for breakfast you nobs

  398. i will take the last comment as a serious biological statement and not the crass, boneheaded distraction from the discussion that it first appeared…Mambas don’t live in australia, so they are unlikely to get eaten by them. Not many snakes actively prey on other snakes; although there are exceptions – the King cobra being one.

    The one ‘advantage’ of an inland taipan is that it looks pretty distinct. Mambas, however, are often confused with mole snakes particularly by children, which are harmless but can have colours very similar to the mamba.

    long may the debate reign!

  399. Here’s a video – Milking the Fierce Snake or Inland Taipan (The World’s most poisonous land snake:

  400. Does anyone know the real name of the so-called 2 step snake in Viet Nam? The nick name was applied because a victim could take two steps before dying from its bite.

  401. Very surprised the Black Mamba isn’t here as well. Reading on the stats it sound like the Mamba isn’t as bad as these slippery creatures!

    Great list and lots of information thanks!

  402. Thanks to all who contributed on this great educating info gud job has been done here guys thanks to all

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  404. I will always remember Steve Irwin and his noble works. He has served as an inspiration to me, to care and try to understand the misunderstood creatures of God.

  405. I can’t believe people are arguing about this, and u’s call yourself snake fans actually find u’s disrespectful to these species. If they can kill u then its pretty obvious that they pretty much all deadly. I’m addicted to the wildlife channel and they have the world’s deadliest snakes program showing both Taipan, black mamba and king cobra are shown they not rated which is nice cause it’s known they all deadly, as for Taipan and black mamba’s both like to strike repeatedly, a black mamba is faster than a human and can kill u within 5-20mins. They all amazing and admiring snakes.

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  407. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all of us you really know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also discuss with my web site =). We could have a link change arrangement between us

  408. i think black mamba is the bast snake. Sir g any buddy tell who is the posinous snake in h.p.

  409. mptasa malicopsi

  410. It’s very difficult to say which snakes are the ‘deadliest’ because there are so many criteria you can apply. The black mamba and the coastal taipan have the worst bites of any land snake (100% mortality rate without anti venom). The Eastern Brown has incredibly potent venom but each bite has on average a much lower venom yield than the mamba or taipan (I have read that an eastern brown bite can contain as little as 5-10mg of venom compared with up to 400mg for the mamba or taipan). Also, the Eastern Brown uses its venom sparingly and only a small proportion of initial bites actually contain any venom. Tiger snakes will also perform head strikes to ward of threats rather than immediately resorting to bites.

    However, none of these snakes are among the ‘deadliest’ snakes in terms of annual deaths. The Russell’s Viper kills the most people per year. The Puff Adder (which has a horrific necrotising venom), saw scaled viper and common cobra are all bigger killers than the mamba and the coastal taipan (the taipan in particular is responsible for a tiny number of deaths owing to its relative rarity). There are no recorded human deaths inflicted by the most venemous land snake of all – the Inland Taipan.

    So you need to set out the criteria before compiling a list of the deadliest snakes.

  411. Somebody essentially help to make significantly articles I would state. That is the very first time I frequented your web page and thus far? I surprised with the analysis you made to create this actual submit incredible. Great activity!

  412. I disagree with the inland taipan being the #1 deadliest snake ,because the likely hood that your going to get bitten by a inland taipan is a lot smaller than if you were to get bitten by a brown snake because the inland taipan lives in the outback of australia where NOT a lot of people live.Where the brown snake lives; in east australia where the population is a lot bigger therefor the brown snake is the deadliest snake.

  413. I love snakes but iam fearing too… i cant touch them…

  414. Snakes are the unluckiest of animals for they are always misunderstood for being aggressive.

  415. the best snake i like is the Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake

  416. the picture have listed as the coral snake is actually the king snake (black on yellow friendly fellow, black on red your dead)

  417. some sites say that the deadliest snake may be the taipan, but the most venomous type of snake is a certain type of sea snake i cant remember the name

  418. Found it, the most venomous snake is the Belcher’s Sea Snake. It may not be as dangerous as the Taipan, but it is more venomous

  419. Having the most deadly snake is not something I would be proud of. Unfortunately, Australia has more than their fair share of them.

  420. you do not have a black mamba in this list.maybe you should come live with me here in kenya and i can show you the damage it does.its head is shaped like a coffin.that tells you enough.

  421. Aussie Osbourne

    For all of you!!! The (most venomous) snakes on Earth are all Sea Snakes. The Inland Taipan is around #13 if compared to sea snakes. The (deadliest snake) of all time is the in fact the India Cobra. Reason being that of its indiginous population of India, 60% still walk about without shoes. Most people step on the snake before they know what bit them. Lack of medical facilities makes the death toll high. Alot of homes are invaded by these cobras and are bitten. The India Cobra does not pack the punch of the Mamba or Brown or Taipan, but without treatment you will die. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. So for all of you, read the heading and do a better search if your looking for Death tolls by snakes. This site does not claim to have the list of snakes that bite the most people or kills the most. It is simply the Venom. Thanks for playing.

  422. Aussie Osbourne

    Just a link to help end the debates.
    Love this site though, good arguements here…lol

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  424. That is not a Boomslang, it is a Spotted Bush Snake

  425. The smaller rattlesnakes have only recently been evaluated for venom toxicity. The Tiger rattlesnake takes the top spot in toxicity for any land snake in the Western Hemisphere at an ip LD50 of 0.06 mgm/ kg for a mouse. This is about ten times the lethality of an equivalent amount of Coral snake venom (0.6 mg/kg). There is another small rattlesnake, the Grey Midget rattler, that is about 6x as lethal ( ip 0.1mg/kg) as the Coral snake for its mouse LD50. Of course, bear in mind that different tables may give different toxicities. I grabbed these as a worst case.

  426. . The Tiger rattlesnake takes the top spot in toxicity for any land snake in the Western Hemisphere at an ip LD50 of 0.06 mgm/ kg for a mouse. This is about ten times the lethality of an equivalent amount of Coral snake venom (0.6 mg/kg). There is another small rattlesnake, the Grey Midget rattler, that is about 6x as lethal ( ip 0.1mg/kg) as the Coral snake for its mouse LD50. Of course, bear in mind that different tables may give different toxicities. I grabbed these as a worst case.

  427. I am surprised the Gaboon Viper did not make this list. As well ad the Daboia. Both of these snakes are extremely dangerous.

  428. What about the Fer-de-Lance, Malayan Pit Viper, Russell’s Viper, Habu. and the Mozambique Spitting Cobra?

    Their bites may not be fatal, but the necrosis, pain, and loss of limb from such bites may make you wish you died!

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  431. I’d have to say that the Australian Brown snake should take 1st position. The venom and the aggression are good reasons, since the Inland tiapan is not, but that the Brown will turn 180 degrees and jump in one motion is my main reason (I’ve heard most snakes don’t turn back). And most snake will strike repeatedly given certain conditions eg. come across an aussie brown with young and your quite in trouble (i know this from experience).

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